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With Insurance online In addition to the private health insurance comparison and the BU comparison, we offer comparison calculators for over 40 different insurance companies. After taking out insurance online, the insurance customer also receives access to online contract management. All conditions and contracts and helpful functions make it easy to manage all insurance policies online.

The best insurance online, anonymously and free of charge in comparison

With Insurance online and one Insurance comparison many advertise, but we, the comVERSO insurance online portal, offer over 40 insurance policies online via insurance calculators, which can be used without entering personal data Insurance comparison immediately carry out. Only a few portals offer an anonymous online PKV comparison and BU comparison, in which the costs and services can then be immediately compared.
All comparison calculators for the ones offered Insurance online are anonymous, free of charge and transparent. The comparison calculators include many price and performance winners And best of all: You receive 75% of our insurance commission as a tipster premium for every insurance you take out. You are of course also entitled to advice when you take out one of our insurance policies online.
With over 40 insurance comparison calculators, we cover almost the entire insurance market: You will find very good, high-performance and very good insurance for almost every online insurance low-cost tariffs from car insurance to private health insurance to event liability insurance. With our insurance companies, everyone can find their online comparison calculators from the wide range of tariffs optimal insurance protection. If you have any questions, just give us a call and arrange a call back.

comVERSO insurance online offers:

  • over 40 different insurance calculators
  • The following applies to all calculations: Insurance online anonymously and free of charge
  • Guaranteed payment of 75% of our closing commission to the tipster
  • the best tariffs on the market with low premiums and many test and performance winners
  • online tracking of your referrer rewards for each recommended contract
  • high level of web security for data transmission using SSL protocols
  • Data protection for tipsters and customers
  • No forwarding of your data to third parties -> No visits to brokers!
  • an administration portal to track the insurance you have taken out online
  • comVERSO Insurance Online offers independent advice over the phone

Disability insurance comparison / BU comparison

The comVERSO insurance online portal offers a free and anonymous disability insurance comparison (BU comparison). The BU comparison includes a total of 22 providers of Occupational disability insurance with many test and award winners and a comprehensive performance comparison. Anyone can choose a very good disability insurance with the help of the comparison calculator and apply for it online.
The Stiftung Warentest occasionally also conducts a BU comparison classifying the occupational disability insurance as "very recommendable". The state coverage through a disability pension is so low that it can only provide basic security. The state pension due to occupational disability continues to apply only to people who were born before 01.01.1961.
If you consider that every fourth employee and self-employed person has to retire prematurely because he is unable to work or is unable to work, you will get one Occupational disability insurance is very important. Many insure a brand new car with fully comprehensive insurance in order to secure a replacement value in the event of a self-inflicted accident. The protection of the workforce through an occupational disability insurance costs about the same monthly with our BU comparison, but the value that is covered is many times higher.
A 30-year-old employee who, according to a BU comparison, takes out occupational disability insurance for approx. 50 euros per month, insures himself in the event of benefits with a monthly pension of 1500 euros. This means that a pension from the disability insurance adds up to over 650,000 euros. This means that occupational disability insurance covers around 20-30 times the value of a car at the same cost!
You too can play it safe and invest in the protection of your workforce and the livelihood of your family by taking out disability insurance. Use the BU comparison to find the best disability insurance. Nobody can see into the future and predict the risk of disability. An occupational disability insurance protects the most valuable asset, one's own workforce, in such a way that one live without existential worries can. With the online anonymous BU comparison you save a lot of money and you are very well insured.
We recommend one to everyone Take out disability insurance as early as possible through a BU comparisonbecause contributions are cheaper at a young age and restrictions due to illness are lower.

PKV comparison - private health insurance comparison

With our private health insurance comparison you will not only find the cheapest private health insurance and receive 75% of the commission. You receive further advantages through the status of the private health insurance patient.

Did you know that:

  • Employees in private health insurance receive up to 50% subsidy from the statutory pension insurance for their contribution to private health insurance, even when they are retired?
  • Women who have private health insurance live 4.72 years longer than the average of women with statutory health insurance?
  • Men in private health insurance increase the average life expectancy by more than 6 years compared to those with statutory health insurance.
  • the two-class medicine in Germany, which by the better medical care in private health insurance helps you to live longer and will continue to diverge in the next few years due to demographic developments?
Do you also want to live longer and benefit from the advantages of private health insurance? Then, after a private health insurance comparison, take out private health insurance using our insurance calculator for a private health insurance comparison, which filters out the best private health insurance for you from the many tariffs according to your selection criteria.
ComVERSO Versicherungen online works with a total of 38 different private health insurers to compare the best rates from a private full health insurance or a private one Supplementary health insurance to offer. The PKV comparison has the most important selection criteria for private health insurance, the deductible and the desired benefits to be insured, which range from the entry-level tariff with insurance-like services in a multi-bed room to the chief doctor's tariff in a single room.
The private health insurance comparison has the option of optional additions. Daily sickness allowance insurance, daily care allowance or health care tariffs or the option to switch to a higher-quality tariff can be set as selection criteria in order to preselect a tariff in the private health insurance comparison.
Use our online calculator to find the cheapest tariffs from the best private health insurance providers.

Following the private health insurance comparison, you have the option of requesting your own offer, including all contract information, directly online.
In our Information chapter on private health insurance many points of private health insurance are described, such as the Advantages disadvantages and the Private health insurance benefits, as well as the explanation of contribution provisions and entitlements. There is also a separate chapter about Students in private health insurance, where topics such as the student loan subsidy for private health insurance for students or the question of who can take out insurance, when and how, are discussed in detail. A private health insurance comparison shows the contributions and benefits of up to 22 private health insurers.

For every customer recommendation, which leads to the conclusion of one of the insurance policies we offer, we pay the tipster a premium of 75% of our commission. Depending on the contract, this can quickly exceed 1500 euros. So recommend a friend, relative, acquaintance or fellow student without obligation and receive a high tipster bonus when signing a contract. You can read exactly how this works here.

From now on you can also recommend yourself and receive the commission directly.