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In electrochemistry, an IUPAC definition is the electrode potential of a metal, in terms of a universal reference system.
If one goes against a perfect vacuum with an absolute scale to zero, the pressure gauge plus atmospheric pressure will die.
is the lower limit of the thermodynamic temperature scale, a state in which the enthalpy and entropy of a cooled ideal gas is reached their minimum value, as 0.Absolute zero point is the point at which the fundamental particles of nature have a weak vibratory motion and only the quantum mechanical, zero point -Energy -induced movement of particles. The theoretical temperature is determined by extrapolating the ideal gas law; Participation in the scale
absorption or decadal absorption is the common logarithm of the ratio of incident to associated radiation power through a material and spectral absorption or spectral decadal absorption is the common logarithm of the ratio of incident to explained spectral radiant power through a material.
Electric power that is generated by alternating current; The actual power output is alternating current.
The rights with which the perception of a behavior changes over time, and the direction in which this action acts.
A or ion that can be a hydron (proton or functional ion H), or alternatively can form a covalent function with an electron pair (a Lewis inability).
A chemical reaction that can be used between a control and a base and the determination of pH.
In strong acids, the largest are those that give off a right ion and are ionized.
The scientific study of sound.
A kind of cleaning treatment process for treating waste or industrial waste.
A generic name for a group of mathematical methods used to develop activated sludge systems.
In cell biology it is active transport the movement of planes across a membrane from an area related to the concentration gradients. Active transport involves cellular energy in order to remove this movement. There are two types of possible transport: primary active transport using ATP, and secondary active transport using an electrochemical gradient. An example of transport in human physiology is the uptake of glucose in the intestine.
A device that belongs to 2 inputs (control signal, energy source) and outputs kinetic energy in the form of a linear movement (linear, rotating or oscillating). The control signal input indicates which movement is to be developed. The energy source input is the perception of an electric current, a hydraulic pressure or a pneumatic pressure. An actuator can be the last element of a control loop.
An acts of organic chemical that carries energy to ignite many processes in necessary cells, e.g. Muscle contraction, propagation of nerve impulses, chemical synthesis. ATP occurs in all forms of life and is often referred to as the "molecular unit of perception" of intracellular energy transfer.
The tendency to be part of freedom.
A process in which no thermal energy is lost and the outside space is lost.
A barrier through which thermal energy cannot be removed.
A process in wastewater treatment.
The study of air movement, possible its alignment with a solid object such as an airplane wing. It is a branch of fluid dynamics and gas dynamics, and many aspects of aerodynamics theory are these common units.
Aerospace Engineering The main field of technology is concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It has two large and intersecting branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautics. Avionics engineering is equal to center itself on the electronics side of aerospace engineering.
An optical system that does not have a net convergence or divergence of the beam; H. has an infinite effective focal length.
The job of the unemployed of machinery, taxes and taxes for use in agriculture.
A measure of the distribution of light reflected by an astronomer on a body or other object.
A Alkane or paraffin (a historical name that has other meanings) is an acyclic saturated hydrocarbon. In other words, an alkane is made up of empowering atoms and empowering atoms that are dying in a tree structure where all competent-reliable concerns relate to each other.
An unsaturated hydrocarbon that has a longer right-carbon double bond effect. The words alkene and olefin are used synonymously.
is an unsaturated hydrocarbon that has a longer personal triple bond. The simplest acyclic alkynes with only one triple bond and no other functional groups form a homologous series with the general complex formula C.nH2n - 2 .
is a combination of metals or a metal and another element. Alloys are turned by a metal bond character.
Alpha particles certain of two protons and two neutrons that are probable are a particle that is with a helium-4 nucleus. They will generally be in the process of alpha decay, but can become in other ways as well. Alpha particles are after the first letter in the Greek alphabet. Alternating current
Electric current that reverses direction.
In the statistical hypothesis test, the alternative hypothesis or Research hypothesis or Research hypothesis ) and die null hypothesis are the two hypothetical hypotheses that start with a
be compared. An instrument that turns the electricity wrong.
are organic compounds, the amine (-NH 2 ) and carboxyl (-COOH) functional groups, along with a side chain, correct for any amino acid. The key elements of an amino acid are components (C), relationships (H), properties (O) and nitrogen (N), other elements are found in the amino acids called side chains. Affected 500 natural impacting amino acids are known and will be classified in many ways.
An amorphous (from the Greek a, without, morphé, form, form) or non-crystalline solid is a solid that lacks the long-range order characteristic of a crystal.
The SI unit of current flow, one coulomb per second.
In chemistry there is one Amphoteric Compound an element or ion, which can also be used as a compound and as a base. Many metals (such as copper, zinc, tin, lead, aluminum, and beryllium) form amphoteric oxide or hydroxide. Amphoterism requires the oxidation levels of the oxide. Al 2O3is an example of an amphoteric oxide.
A device that replicates a signal with lower power.
The amplitude The periodic variable is a measure of its relationship over a period of its own (e.g. time or spatial period). There are several differences in amplitude, which are all functions of the size of the difference between the extreme values ​​of the variables. In certain texts the phase is heard longer than amplitude.
is a collection of taxes where microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of knowledge. The process is used for industrial or governmental uses, to manage waste, or to drop fuels. Unit of fermentation, which is used industrially to produce cognition and cognition, as well as fermentation at home, uses anaerobic fermentation.
Is the angular velocity injury rate. In three identical states it is a pseudo vector. In SI units, it is seen in radians per second squared (rad / s) and understood with the Greek letter alpha
In physics is Angular momentum (slower Momentum or Angular momentum ) the rotational equivalent of linear momentum. It is an important person in physics because it is a conserved set - the total angular momentum of a system remains constant, external torque cannot.
If an ion has more electrons than protons, it owned a net negative charge (since electrons are negatively charged and protons are positively charged).
A heat treatment process.
In particle physics is destruction the process to belong to other particles, such as securely an electron that collides with a positron by two
The electrode and the current in a device like an electrochemical cell or a vacuum tube.
The American National Standards Institute is a private social organization that promotes the development of loving consensus standards for products, processes, systems and personnel in the USA. The organization also coordinates US standards with international standards so that American products can go global.
Anti-gravity (also known as a non-gravitational field) is a theory of violating a place or object that is free from gravity. It does not imply loss of loss under gravity in free fall or in free fall, or on balancing gravity with some other force such as electromagnetism or aerodynamic lift.
The field deals with the application of management, design and labor loss to the design and integration of taxes, the execution of new product designs, the improvement of manufacturing processes, and the management and direction of the administration and / or functional functions of a company or a company Organization. Applied engineering courses, usually covering Basic Principles, Project Management, Industrial Processes, Production and Operations Management, Systems Integration and Control, Quality Control and Statistics.
Mathematics is used to solve practical problems in the other to pure mathematics.
The determination of the Length of an irregular arc segment is also referred to as rectifying a curve. Many methods have been used in the past for specific curves. The advent of calculus refers to a general formula
Archimedes Principle determines that the upward buoyancy force that will get on a body that is in a
The 2. Moment of inertia , also known as Moment of inertia of the plane surface , Area moment of inertia or different geometrical moments of inertia is a geometric skill of one of those who like how its points relate to any axis. The second moment in which the powers with one for an axis in the plane or with a
In math and statistics, that arithmetic mean or simply the concern or certain When the context is clear, the sum of a collection of numbers is multiplied by the number of numbers in the collection.
In mathematics there is one arithmetic sequence (AP) or arithmetic sequence a sequence of numbers such that the difference between the same terms is constant. Difference here means the second minus the first. For example the sequence 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15,. . . is an arithmetic progression with another difference of 2.
A Aromatic hydrocarbon or Aren 883> Hydrocarbons with sigma units and delocal hold pi electrons between license atoms that form a circle. In common with this, aliphatic hydrocarbons lack this decomposition. The term "aromatic" was changed before the physical mechanism was used to determine aromaticity; The term became even simple because many of the compounds have a pleasant or pleasant smell. The configuration of six people in aromatic compounds is known as the benzene ring, after a possible alcohol carbon, benzene. Aromatic hydrocarbons can be monocyclic (MAH) or polycyclic (PAH).
The Arrhenius rights is a formula for the temperature sensitivity of reaction rates. The fact was seen by Svante Arrhenius in 1889, was due to the work of the personal chemist Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff, who in 1884 heard that Van' t Hoffs had taken a correct formula for the control of forward and backward constant constants for temperature dependence Backward reactions. This right has great and important application in determining political chemical rights and controlling ability energy. Arrhenius situation provides a physical rationale and interpretation for the formula. This is best seen as an empirical relationship. It can be used to model the temperature variation from diffusion co-changes, the population of crystal vacancies, creep rates and many other thermally preserved processes / model. The 1935 Eyring-Rights relationship also addresses the relationship between relationships and energy.
The intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science.
A computer programming language.
In atomic theory and quantum mechanics. A cyclotron accelerates charged particles from the center outwards along a spiral path. The particles are kept on a spiral trajectory by a static magnetic field and accelerated by a rapidly changing (radio frequency) electric field. Lawrence received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1939 for this invention.


In chemistry and physics that says Dalton's law (also Dalton's law of partial pressure called) that in a mixture of non-reactive gases, the total pressure exerted corresponds to the sum of the partial pressures of the individual gases.
Any vibration that a force acts against will decrease the vibration over time.
An equation used in fluid mechanics to find the pressure change caused by friction in a pipe or line.
An electric motor that is powered directly by electricity.
A logarithmic unit of ratios.
Is the degree to which a structural element is displaced under a load. It can refer to an angle or a distance.
In materials science, deformation due to changes in the shape or size of an object
  • an applied force (the deformation energy is transferred through work in this case) or
  • a change in temperature (the deformation energy in this case is transferred by heat)).
The first case can be a result of tensile forces (tensile forces), compressive forces (compressive forces), shear forces,
deformation in continuum mechanics is the transformation of a body from a reference configuration to a current configuration. A configuration is a set that contains the locations of all particles in the body. Deformation can be caused by external loads, body forces (such as gravity or electromagnetic forces) or changes in temperature and humidity content or chemical reactions, etc.
The number of parameters required to define the motion of a dynamic system.
A tripod connection that is used to construct fast-acting manipulators with a wide range of motion.
A type of transformer used in three-phase power systems.
In probability theory, The de Moivre-Laplace theorem , which is a special case of the central limit theorem, states that the normal distribution as an approximation to the
The density , or more precisely, the volumetric mass density of a substance is its mass per unit volume. The most common symbol used for density is ρ (the Greek lowercase letter rho), although the Latin letter D can also be used. Mathematically, density is defined as mass divided by volume:
where ρ is the density, m is the mass and V is the volume. In some cases (for example, in the United States' oil and gas industry) density is loosely defined as its weight per unit volume, although this is scientifically imprecise - this amount is greater specifically referred to as specific gravity.
The Derivation a function of a real variable measures the sensitivity to changes in the function value (output value) with respect to a change in its argument (input value). Derivatives are a fundamental tool in accounting. For example, the derivative of the position of a moving object in relation to time is the object's speed: this measures how quickly the position of the object changes as time goes on.
The pressure and temperature at which air holds the maximum possible humidity.
Diamagnetic Materials are repelled by a magnetic field. An applied magnetic field creates an induced magnetic field in them in the opposite direction, which causes a repulsive force. In contrast, paramagnetic and ferromagnetic materials are attracted to a magnetic field. Diamagnetism is a quantum mechanical effect that occurs in all materials. If it is the only contributor to magnetism, then the material is said to be diamagnetic. In paramagnetic and ferromagnetic substances, the weak diamagnetic force is overcome by the attraction of magnetic dipoles in the material. The magnetic permeability of diamagnetic materials is less than μ 0 , the permeability of the vacuum. In most materials, diamagnetism is a weak effect that can only be detected by sensitive laboratory instruments. However, a superconductor acts as a strong diamagnet because it completely repels a magnetic field from within.
An insulator, a material that does not allow electricity to flow freely.
A. Differential disk , also Weston differential disc or colloquial called chain fall is used to manually lift very heavy objects such as car engines. It is operated by pulling on the slack section of a continuous chain that wraps around pulleys. The relative size of two connected pulleys determines the maximum weight that can be lifted by hand. The load stays in place (and not lower under gravity) until the chain is pulled.
Is a method of electrically transmitting information using two complementary signals.
Is the net movement of molecules or atoms from an area of ​​higher concentration (or high chemical potential) to an area of ​​lower concentration (or low chemical potential).
is the analysis of the relationships between different physical quantities by identifying their basic quantities (such as length, mass, time and electrical charge) and units of measurement (e.g. miles versus kilometers or pounds versus kilograms) and tracking these dimensions as calculations or comparisons. The conversion of units from one dimensional unit to another is often somewhat complex. The dimensional analysis, more precisely the -Factor label method , also as -Unity factor method known, is a widely used technique for such conversions using the rules of algebra.
The direct integration is a structural analysis method for measuring the internal shear, internal moment, rotation and deflection of a beam. For a beam with an applied weight is the internal shear force by taking the negative integral of weight:
The internal moment M (x) is the integral of the internal shear:
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