How do I become a patient reader

Those who do not have patience for small things will fail in large projects. (Quote: Confucius)

Do you sometimes tend to be impatient? Do you want to learn to be more patient? Patience can be learned.

There are many advantages (and no disadvantages) to having a patient character:

  • With patience, goals are generally reached more easily and quickly.
  • Impatience greatly increases the likelihood of making mistakes.
  • Impatient people tend to have problems more often.
  • Impatience prevents long-term success.
  • Impatience can easily turn into anger and anger, and even make you sick.
  • Problem solving only works well with patience.
  • Impatience is harmful in interpersonal dealings (often causes arguments, reproaches, relationship problems ...).
Impatience therefore has many serious disadvantages, while patience is a positive, success and happiness-bringing quality.

It is therefore worth learning to be patient.

Overcoming impatience, learning to be patient, but how?

I have a lot of experience with learning to be patient. I would like to report how I tried to learn to be patient, which methods I used and how I finally became a more patient person.

Youthful impatience

As a teenager and a young adult, I was often very impatient. For example, if I couldn't find my keys, I would get angry. Often I freaked out completely. It was not uncommon for me to lose control of myself. My tantrums urged me to search for solutions. I really wanted to be more patient and achieve a better self-assessment. I wanted to be gentle and grateful instead of losing control of myself so often.

So, since I was 18 years old, I started reading and researching a lot. I scoured a great many books that I found in libraries for solutions. I tried out the strategies described in it for learning patience.

Learn patience through mental training

It seemed promising to me to learn patience with the help of mental training, autogenic training and meditation. After I had some small successes, I wanted to gain mastery in this area. So over the years I purposefully acquired and internalized many new attitudes.

During this time I also thought that learning and practicing self-love was a worthwhile goal. This has been said in many of the books I read about self-awareness and self-love. Learning to love myself became a daily activity for me. This process changed me a lot. However, I did not make any significant progress.

Learn patience in everyday situations through new attitudes

For the situation in the example above with the keys, I programmed myself sentences like: "ok, it doesn't matter if I can't find it right away, stay calm, I'll find it in time or a suitable replacement ..." etc ...

This mental training brought me progress. In many everyday situations, I lost my temper less and less. It seemed like I had achieved my goal of becoming an all around patient person.

Inspired by these successes, I became more courageous and began to expand mental training to all areas of life. As described in numerous New Age literature, I tried to actively and consciously shape the reality of my life myself.

As hard as I tried, I never managed to lead a completely satisfied, happy life. If I had success in one area, it went downhill in other areas at the same time.

Despite all my efforts, something went totally wrong in my life.

Mental training, the means to learn patience?

More and more often I had to admit to myself that the mental training might enable small progress here and there, but that it couldn't be a way for me to live fulfilled and completely satisfied.

I just couldn't get this inner restlessness and a kind of meaninglessness in life under control.

The big turning point on the path to patience and satisfaction

But in 2010 there was a surprising turnaround. I became aware of God's Word through lectures on the Bible. I became interested in it and began to study this book carefully. I also checked the Bible to see whether the original text is still completely available and whether it is credible.

I realized more and more the truthfulness of the words of the Bible. So my worldview changed completely. While I had previously tried to lead a good life on my own, I realized that we humans and our environment have a living creator. I realized that life cannot arise out of nowhere by accident.

The Bible describes how much our Creator loves us. Also how we broke up with him and why and what gigantic problems result from it. I realized that we humans, the vast majority of us, live apart from this Creator. It was the same for me until 2010.

What separates us from God is our sin nature. Impatience, anger, anger and other unkindness are also symptoms of our sin nature. It is true that many people here deceive themselves and believe that they are not that bad after all. They believe they can improve themselves so much that their sin nature no longer matters.

The way to self-knowledge: God's word

God's Word clearly holds a mirror up to us. It explains what sin is. Those who study the Bible carefully will see how lost and sinful they are in the face of our Creator. If we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that we can never be free from sin. We all lie (how often, does not matter to God), often have bad thoughts, are unfair etc ...

The love of God and the turning to Jesus Christ, our Savior

I learned that our Creator loves us so much that he sent Jesus Christ (God / God's Son and at the same time man) to earth to redeem every person who believes in him from his sins. Jesus came to earth voluntarily and as a messenger of God, preached the gospel of the kingdom of God, of the repentance and forgiveness of sins on earth. And he had quite deliberately allowed himself to be executed in order to assume the guilt of human sins on himself. In this way he has cleared the way to God and thus to his kingdom of heaven, so that everyone who believes in Jesus Christ can find entry into the heavenly kingdom of God.

From reading the Gospels, I realized that Jesus Christ really must be God's Son and that we can experience salvation in Him alone.

I recognized my sin nature and confessed my guilt to Jesus Christ. I began to dedicate my life entirely to him.

The new birth (rebirth) that I experienced in the process made me really satisfied with the time. I also became much more patient and calmer overall. Jesus made me a meek person.

Impatience, patience, the problem of our life?

When a person is impatient, it seems like a big problem that should be resolved whenever possible. That was also the case for me. But the truth is, there is a much, much bigger problem behind it. It is the problem of our life: separation from God.

With full conviction and experience and in accordance with God's Word, I can say today: The problem of our life can only be solved by turning to Jesus Christ and believing in Jesus Christ.

The problem of impatience can be solved with it and thanks to God's help. But it is not the decisive factor but rather secondary in comparison to the problem of separation from God.

Bear fruit in patience

When a person recognizes God, turns to him and thereby experiences God's grace, his life changes dramatically for the better. The redeemed owe the good results that result from this only to God. Good works by God's grace are referred to as "bearing fruit" in the Bible.

We wish you, dear reader, that you are patient or that you become more and more patient. Above all, we wish you that you will recognize the greatest of all treasures there is, namely Jesus Christ, the hope of glory.

The editorial team Learn Feel Understand

Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering (means patience), kindness, goodness, loyalty, gentleness, self-control.