What courses are there after prosthetics

Prosthetics I course content

Contents Polyclinic I

1. Findings

a. Static and dynamic occlusion
b. X-ray findings
c. Situation models
d. Typical signs and symptoms of cranio-mandibular dysfunction
e. Typical signs of psychogenic intolerance to dentures

2. Planning of dentures (indications and limits)

a. Evaluation of the findings
• Periodontal condition
• Condition of the prospective abutment teeth
• Root fillings and existing post restorations
• Preservation ability and preservation worthiness of a tooth
• Determination of the need for treatment
• Shortened teeth
• Extremely shortened row of teeth

b. Use of various therapeutic agents depending on the findings
• Veneers
• Pin abutments
• Crowns
• Adhesive bridges
• Bridges (solid cast, metal-ceramic, all-ceramic)
• One-piece cast dentures
• Telescopic prosthesis
• Abutment prostheses
• implants

c. Harm-benefit weighing up in the context of prosthetic restoration
• Leaving a shortened row of teeth
• Risk reduction by increasing the number of pillars
• Organ functional aspects
• Functional aspects of chewing
• Aesthetic aspects
• Relationship between teeth and nutritional status

3. Systematic processing of a limited prosthetic issue

Opportunities to obtain information
Literature research
Other sources of information
Completion of a written thesis with a description of the problem and a critical personal assessment

Contents of course I

1. Preparation of prosthetic treatment measures
• Assessment of the patient
• Structured documentation of findings
• Creation of treatment plans
• Preparation of residual teeth for prosthetic restoration

2. Implementation of treatment measures
• Intraoral registration
• Production of a stabilizing splint
• Manufacture of temporary restorations
• Preparation of a tooth for full cast and veneer crowns
• Preparation of a root canal to accommodate a post build-up
• Situation impression
• One-step impression
• Two-stage impression
• Manufacture of a simple partial denture
• Manufacture of total dentures
• Relining of partial and full dentures
• Setting up teeth
• Recovery measures

3. Implementation of follow-up measures
• Structured follow-up examinations with findings and documentation