Can I undo a save in Excel?

Undo accidental saving ???
Stefan H.

03 Oct 2004, 2:03 pm
First name:


After changing an excel table, I accidentally tapped "save" instead of "save as" and overwritten an important table with it.
Can I somehow change the table that was valid before the last save
restore??? Does the file still exist somewhere?
Please help quickly.
My name is duck

03 Oct 2004, 2:06 pm
Call name: Andreas
Place of residence: Reppenstedt near Lüneburg


Hello Stefan,

Unfortunately that went stupid - by saving the undo is no longer available -
You will probably not get around to retracing and reconstructing it.

Best for the future, immediately when opening a save as -

Yes, I know ..... afterwards you are ...

But as far as I know unfortunately nothing more to change.
Andreas E.
Oh man, I feel like today = DATEDIF (DATE (1961; 6; 12); TODAY (); "y") years old
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