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10 words that many mispronounce

Status: December 15, 2020 1:43 p.m.

"Bombom", "Gnotschi", "Gelantine" and Co .: How many of these words have you always mispronounced?

Hand on heart, when it comes to the pronunciation of certain words, we all have our quirks. Perhaps we know that "cousin" is pronounced smoothly instead of speaking of "kusang". For this, many of us keep saying "gelatine", even though it is called "gelatine".

These trinkets are at the top of the list of often mispronounced words:

1. Espresso [ɛsˈprɛso]

Are you one of those people who order an "expresso" themselves - or are you one of those who flinches when they hear the word?

2nd trilogy [tʁiloˈɡiː]

Another popular mistake: to speak of the "trilogy". Would actually make sense - after all, we speak of a "trio" when we are talking about three people. If, on the other hand, we speak of a three-part film, the "O" is omitted.

3rd backbone [ˈʁʏkˌɡʁaːt]

If you swallow the "G", you can break your back very quickly because you don't have a back wheel. Or so. In any case, you should say the "G" as long as you speak of the proverbial backbone or your back.

4. Allen key [ˈɪnbʊsˌʃlʏsl̩]

Let's be honest, every one of us says "Allen key" instead of "Allen key" from time to time about the practical tool, right? Caught?!

5. Tagliatelle [taʎːaˈtɛlːe]

"Tadschatelle", "Takliatelle", "Tallatelle" - the ribbon noodles have many names. In fact, here, too, people prefer to go to work gently: "Taljatelle".

6. Bredouille [breˈdʊljə]

Are you - as is right - in the "trouble" or in the "bedrouille"? One letter makes the difference!

7. Bonbon [bɔŋˈbɔŋ]

Have we just kept the good old "Bommbomm" from our childhood? A softly spoken "boooonboooon" would be correct.

8. Gnocchi [ˈnjɔki]

One mistake is another horror: Fancy a round of "Gnotschi"? We didn't, we could only offer a round of "Njocki" at most.

9. Bruschetta [brʊsˈkɛta]

According to Duden, we can choose whether to pronounce the "U" chopped off and short or drawn out. But one thing is certain: The "CH" is pronounced like a "K": "Brusketta".

10. Director [reʒɪˈsøːɐ̯]

Probably one of the words we know exactly how to pronounce - but most of us just CANNOT! And so there is often talk of the "ressigeur". Tip: Simply split the word into several small words: "Reh-Schiss-Hör". So it sounds roughly right.



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