What are the mysterious temples of Orissa

What are these mysterious goddesses actually called?

In the Indian region of Gondwana, which stretches from Madhya Pradesh to Chhattisgarh, I read about some mysterious goddesses in the tribal area. The tribes use the powers these goddesses acquired in tantric rituals.

Few such names are: goddess Marhi, goddess Banjari, etc.

I have even looked for these names in Devi Bhagwat and Durga Saptshati, but there are no such names. I asked some tribes and they say that goddess Marhi is a form of goddess Durga but not Durga. She is one of the wildest forms and has seven sisters. Goddess Banjari is one of them.

Has anyone heard the names before? If so, please let me know what these goddesses are actually called in Shastras.

Although all forms evolved from the goddess Parvathi, but still in the tantra world, these were not considered to be one.

Rick ross

Any pictures of these goddesses?


No, but these two goddesses are extensively worshiped in Tantra for Shat Karmas and are considered wild forms.

Rick ross

Ok, in which of the Shat Karmas can you say?


I met some tribal tantriks and they told me that they are used in maran prayer.

Rakesh Joshi

You may not find such deities in authentic books because they are tribal deities. Many tribal cultures also have animal sacrifice customs. Chattisgadh is a very old tribal area that dates back to 5000 years ago. They also worship many local Graama / Sthaana Devatas that are not mentioned in traditional books. Even Orissa has quite a bit of tribal culture. In Orissa there is a yogini temple that is venerated by the tribes (64 yoginis).

Legend has it that even Lord Jagannatha was once worshiped by the tribes of Chattishgadh and later arrived in Orissa and then slowly became the official temple worship.

Fire is a major part of most tribal rituals.

It is sad that most non-Hindu missionaries are targeting these indigenous tribes for conversion.

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A 64 Yoginis Temple is also located near Jabalpur MP. I visited that. I am curious to know when these tribal deities are not in any scripture and how they can perform these negative rituals.

Rakesh Joshi

@RKh yes there are temples in MP. Well, every sect develops its own rituals. It is a collective belief that has been practiced for centuries