Who blocked me

Instagram: how to see who blocked you

Dennis Steimels

You can find out pretty quickly whether you are being blocked on Instagram. We'll show you how.

EnlargeHave I been blocked on Instagram? How to find out
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If someone blocks you on Instagram, you will not receive a notification. So, for a start, you don't even know you are on someone's block list. But there are ways you can find this out quite quickly. And if you want to know if you're being blocked on Whatsapp, take a look at this article.

Check if you have been blocked on Instagram

If you notice that you haven't seen a post or story from a certain Instagram channel for a long time and therefore suspect that you have been blocked, then just look for the profile. If the person or channel is not suggested to you and does not appear in the search, you have been blocked. But be careful: you will not be able to find a profile using the search function if it has been deleted.

To make sure that you have been blocked, open the Instagram channel in the browser on your smartphone or on the desktop PC that you are not logged in to. To do this, you can simply enter the web address www.instagram.de/[Kanalname}. Example: www.instagram.de/pcwelt. If you see the profile picture, the uploaded pictures and numbers of the subscribers, then you have been blocked. If you are logged into your browser and access the web address directly, the message "Unfortunately, this page is not available" appears.

If you actually follow the person, they will no longer appear in your "Subscribed" list.

Note: If the person unblocks you, you can follow them again. The blocking removes the mutual subscription.

How to block someone on Instagram

To block someone yourself, go to the person's Instagram profile. Now tap on the menu (three dots) and then on "Block, which you have to confirm again. You can no longer see any pictures of the person or send any messages. The mutual subscription will be removed.

To see who you're blocking and to unblock someone, go to your own Instagram profile, tap the menu in the top right corner, then tap Settings - Privacy. Under "Connections" you will find the item "Blocked accounts". Here you can now tap on "Unblock" to unblock it.