Is IML a scam

Imarketslive experiences 2018 - serious or fraudulent?

Googling Imarketslive experiences will lead you to various positive reports very quickly. This is the smart marketing of sales partners, which is why you will rarely find neutral reports in this area.

I personally am not active at Imarketslive and can therefore offer you a more neutral view based on my experience with the MLM industry. Since I have been asked many times if I could write an Imarketslive Review, I would like to show you my point of view in this article.


What is Imarketslive?

Imarketslive is a day trading network company. It has existed since 2013 and aggressively advertises the topic of financial freedom. The products are intended to show laypeople in day trading (short-term trading in stocks / currencies / raw materials) how they can earn money with them.

Primarily, training courses are offered to learn how to trade, as well as signals from supposedly professional traders. The entire package is offered as a monthly subscription. Whether you earn money from the content / signals or not is 100% up to you.

Very often there is a promise to make money without thinking or working. IML gives me the same impression. Of course you can make a lot of money trading, but you can just as easily lose it. Around 5% of traders manage to make long-term profits, because trading not only needs knowledge, but also some personal characteristics, which I will go into in more detail below.

Is Imarketslive Serious?

In terms of economic data, Imarketslive is a portable company. It has been around for some time, has high income and pays relatively low commissions. Whether it is a hidden pyramid scheme or not cannot be clarified without further ado, here everyone has to weigh for themselves whether there is real added value for the customer.

Who is behind I Markets Live?

The CEO Christopher Terry is described as a professional trader with 20 years of experience. No references are given. Because experience does not automatically mean success. I also have years of experience with refrigerators - but I couldn't repair or build them for you 😉

Christopher Terry has worked on a large Ponzi scheme called ZeekRewards, according to various sources. This information makes every alarm bell ring for me. Of course there are networkers who go wrong from time to time. Nevertheless, it is important to take a close look at the intentions of the management, especially with this background.

Imarketslive - Ingenious and new? Or just unnecessary?

When deciding which MLM company to work with, the first question is whether the product is sustainable and will find a market. In fact, before IML, no company with trading training products has been successful in the MLM market. On the one hand, this can mean that the products are simply not interesting enough for a broad market. On the other hand, IML could also be the ingenious new concept that the market has been waiting for.

Personally, I am of the opinion that you can find a good book for your trading training for less than a hundred euros, and complete coaching from experts for a few hundred euros. 90% of your trading success is psychology and following a few golden rules (risk management). There is no secret knowledge or magic formula. Various studies have already shown that it is impossible to predict a course without insider knowledge. In a study that was quoted by Jack D. Schwager in a book I had at my disposal, the following was found:

Business students and professional traders were asked to use a price chart to predict whether it would rise or fall. The result: the students were correct 48% of the time. The professional traders in 47%.

So you see, tossing a coin is far more effective. You make the profits in trading through risk management (sell when it falls, hold when it rises).

I have been trading profitably for quite a while myself and had to invest perhaps 150 euros in training for it.

The Imarketslive product range costs this amount per month!

There are two variants for the I markets live packages:

  1. The Platinum Package for a one-time fee of 195 USD + 145 USD per month
  2. The IML Platinum Plus Package for a one-time fee of 235 USD + monthly 185 USD

Of course, you will get to know a huge number of technical terms and technical gadgets that make reading a stock market magazine easier. The bottom line is that you have to get these 145 USD per month back in with your trades so that the fun is worth it.

Larry Williams, the world's best trader, achieves a return of 18% per year with his hedge fund. I'm talking about long-term averages, not one-year miracles. Let's assume that you can do it too.

145 USD per month results in 1740 USD invest per year. That means you need to earn at least $ 1740 after tax. With 25% capital gains tax that adds up to $ 2,175 you need to earn.

Larry Williams would have to start with 12,083 USD speculative capital to only have the costs of training back in after a year. Therefore two questions at this point:

  1. Are you larry williams If not, expect losses or single-digit returns
  2. Do you have over $ 12,000 in play money? If not, find a more profitable investment opportunity.

Again, as a reminder, you are 100% responsible here, as no one takes over the trades for you. Therefore, if in doubt, you have to gain your own Imarketslive experience.

Reasons why I stopped trading

I myself traded with leveraged certificates for years. With that I was able to build up a nice extra income. The biggest hurdle in trading are your own emotions, after I understood this and kept a trading diary, I was able to develop a profitable system. Sometimes it was + 40%, sometimes it was -20%, but the bottom line was that everything was good. I've come this far enough to know that I could make a living from it.

What nobody tells you:

Day trading makes you extremely dependent. You are there to monitor your positions 24 hours a day. You read the news, check the price at 2am and if you have a bad day you burn your money in no time at all.

My goal in life was not to quit my former 8-hour job and then sit at the PC 12 hours a day (thanks to crypto trading also on weekends). What good is the money in your account if you are never free to do what you want?

The successful profit traders who exemplify a life of financial freedom and independence have long been marketing training products or stock market newspapers in order to generate a passive income. There may be the 1% or 2% who are passionate about trading all their lives. But even if you belong to the 5% who make profits at all, in my opinion it is not a dream life.

This is exactly why I looked for the way into network marketing so that I can build up a real passive income. Speaking of which, let's take a closer look at Imarketslive's compensation plan.

The Imarketslive Compensation Plan

You will receive your own product free of charge as soon as you have recruited two partners. In addition, you can earn commissions by referring partners and customers:

IML is a unilevel compensation plan that pays out on three levels:

  • First level: $ 35
  • Second level: $ 10
  • Third level: $ 5

That means if your customer invests $ 145, you lose $ 35. To be eligible for commission on the second level, you have to reach the Platinum 600 level. For this you need 12 direct partners, 3 of which each have 3 of their own partners.

My experience has shown that newcomers to MLM in particular sometimes need months to build this structure. Personally, I prefer marketing plans in which a beginner will reach their levels faster to get into earning. Because right now the first € 100-500 in MLM are the hardest.On top of that, the commission for the Platinum 600 is capped at 150USD per week. This means that when you have a good run you get less money than you are actually entitled to.

For the 3rd level you need the Platinum 1000 level. For this you need 30 team partners in your organization and can earn no more than 250 USD per week. Only when you become Platinum 2000 will you be able to earn 2000 USD a month, and for that you need a whopping 75 active partners / customers.

As a Platinum 5000 you need 225 partners and can earn 6000 USD per month.

In all honesty ... I have team partners in my network, who have earned € 2,000-20,000 on their first customer, and who have already built up a passive income of several hundred euros with 30 team partners. This upper earnings limit at IML is complete nonsense, because it limits you as sharply as possible in your income potential.

With 225 team partners you are already one of the TOP 5% of all networkers on the market. I know structures in which the leader generates € 3,000-10,000 from 225 team partners per month. So if you are interested in a serious MLM development, I strongly advise you against Imarketslive and recommend that you deal with profit networks.

What are Profit Networks?

Let's assume you have a customer who is ready to become an IML customer and invest the necessary € 12,000 in play money. Regardless of whether he trades with € 100 or € 12,000, you will only receive your 35USD commission.

With Profit-Networks, you convey the system to him. That is, if he invests € 1000 and you get 10%, you have earned € 100. If he invests € 12,000, you earn € 1,200. Depending on the clientele, there are no limits to your income. Because the product works passively, your partners and you have your head and hands free to focus 100% on building your team, the money increases by itself.

If you are interested in the topic, apply for my coaching on the topic. The market for serious profit networks is always changing, so I can personally show you the top current high performers.

What is your Imarketslive experience like? Let us know in a comment!