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Tabletop hobby in Germany, game stores & Corona, WH40K… Interview with cycling paddles

I recently reported that I got back into the tabletop hobby and started with Warhammer 40,000. In the course of this, I came across Matthias's Radaddel play shop and I took the opportunity to conduct an interview with him.

It is about the tabletop hobby in Germany, how his game shop came about, how badly Corona is bothering him and a lot more. Have fun.

Hello Matthias. Please introduce yourself briefly.

I'm Matthias, I'm just over 50 years old and the owner of Radaddel.

I'm also the boss of the coffee machine, package packer, pallet handler, responsible for the phone and e-mails. When it comes to the store, I'm basically the girl for everything.

How did you get into the tabletop hobby and what were your first miniature games?

We came into contact with the first miniatures at the beginning of the 90s through customers of our toy shop. They brought the Minis with them from a school trip from England and proudly presented them to us. Our interest was aroused and we immediately started looking for sources of supply.

At an international toy fair, we came into contact with the right people at the right moment. One thing led to another and we had our first Games Workshop miniatures in the shop. It didn't take long and we had the entire range in stock. Many other providers followed in the course of time.

How did Radaddel come about and what does the name mean?

My wife started in 1991 with a traditional toy store, which filled up relatively quickly with more demanding games, computer and video games and young people. Our range has changed over the years. Since the turn of the millennium, our focus has been on tabletop miniatures and the complete range of hobby accessories.

About the name: Well, you're curious. I don't want to reveal too much about the name here. Maybe just this much: My first black karter was called Radaddel. A little later, under this name, I tried to capture as many flags as possible from Counterstrike. We needed a special name for our first accounts in the sales exchanges (yahoo and ebay). And a little later our first shop was called Radaddel.

How has Radaddel developed to this day and what are you particularly proud of?

We have grown continuously, have tried a lot and have always and lovingly concentrated on our core competence - the 28mm tabletop miniatures. In addition, we have "unearthed" articles and new product lines and anchored them in the tabletop area.

We can be proud that we have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers over the years. We are very fortunate to have the best customers by our side right from the start.

How has the corona pandemic affected your shop and your online shop Radaddel?

For us, as for almost everyone, the pandemic came as a great surprise. Since then, the store has no longer been the meeting place for exchange and game evenings that it was a year ago. We miss that very much.

Of course, our current online shop helped us. Our customers made good use of it and were only able to take their orders at the door.

Online trading, and thus shipping, continued as usual despite the circumstances. Sometimes the patience of our customers was put to the test because the availability of goods was not the best all year round. Corona and Brexit are currently again presenting us with special challenges.

It is time to once again praise our customers for their patience and understanding.

What are the most popular tabletop systems in your shop?

Well, you'd better ask our players that. We don't offer a system that nobody wants. ;)

Of course, the companies from Notthingham traditionally play an important role, but Star Wars or the Freebooters Fate from Germany are now part of the standard range.

Warhammer 40K is now in its 9th edition. How well is tabletop being received in Germany?

There should be something big in store for us ... and that's it, at least when I look at the Indomitus Box. Games Workshop has already delivered something decent and that was very well received by the customers.

What would you recommend for beginners who want to start with WH40K?

Warhammer 40K is pretty complex. The best way to get started is by looking for someone with experience or watching them play. There is the beginner's guide or the “recruit box”. Both are ideal for beginners.

I would advise against buying large special kits. Start with the basics. This also applies to painting, which is an important aspect of the hobby. The following always applies: from a simple to a complex project.

What is your favorite faction in WH40K and why?

There is no such thing as a favorite faction for me. Well, I especially like the orcs because they don't or can't take themselves too seriously. ;-)

What other interesting beginner tabletop games can you recommend?

There are now an incredible number of tabletop games. Fantasy and SciFi certainly make up a large part of it, but there is also a very large fan base for the historical area. Pretty much all military conflicts are covered there. Black Powder, Hail Ceasar or of course Bolt Action should be mentioned. It starts with the ancient Greeks and ends with the two world wars with their innumerable scenes.

Of course there are many other smaller interesting game systems. For almost everyone there are entry boxes and or books to start with.

What other hobby products does Radaddel offer for tabletop players (e.g. colors ...)?

Oh, it might be easier to list what we don't have ... ;-)

Today there is an almost unmanageable abundance of hobby products. It starts with different color ranges, here we offer a large selection with The Army Painter, Vallejo, AK-Interactive and of course Games Workshop.

It continues with brushes, e.g. from the German manufacturer DaVinci, accessories for airbrush, diorama construction, extensive selection of base design material, e.g. from Gamers Grass, and ends with modern workplace design for the discerning hobbyist (e.g. modular workshop system from Hobbyzone).

thank you for the interview

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