Why do greenhouses need ventilation

Ventilation in the greenhouse - better for the plants

Sufficient ventilation in the greenhouse allows the plants to thrive better. If you open a window every now and then, regulate the humidity. You also avoid accumulated heat. Your plants will thank you.

Fresh air in the greenhouse

In a greenhouse, most of the plants need warmth. Regardless of whether you overwinter potted plants or grow lettuce and vegetables: the power of the sun and plenty of heat always ensure good results. But you shouldn't forget about ventilation in the greenhouse. If you want to get a new greenhouse, you should therefore ensure that there are a sufficient number of windows that can be opened. Good greenhouses are largely airtight. That is also good and correct. However, it is precisely this design that makes regular ventilation so important.

Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations

Many young plants in particular do not like extreme fluctuations in temperatures. In the greenhouse, however, this danger is particularly high in spring. The nights are sometimes still very cold and maybe even frosty. In the midday hours, with intense sunlight, the temperature can climb over 30 degrees Celsius. It can get very hot, especially in a greenhouse. Adequate ventilation in the greenhouse will prevent stress cracks in the stems of the plants.

Condensation: rot threatens

Without adequate ventilation in the greenhouse, not only too high temperatures can become a problem. Condensation can also cause problems for plants. During the day, the warm air absorbs a lot of moisture. When it cools down in the evening, it releases them again. The result: it drips permanently onto the plants, and rot threatens. You can reduce this risk with regular ventilation in the greenhouse.