What films did you want to see

Which movie do you want to see?

Cinema enjoyment for Kitzbühel Anzeiger readers! With the coupon from the Kitzbüheler Anzeiger you can watch a competition film for a discounted 5 euros in the movie theater.

Kitzbühel | 42 films by aspiring filmmakers from 20 nations will compete for the prizes at the seventh film festival in Kitzbühel from August 19th to 25th this year. With the coupon from the Kitzbüheler Anzeiger you can watch a competition film at a discounted price of five euros (normal price 9 euros) in the Kitzbühel film theater.

Exciting documentaries
The documentaries offer a range of experiences and topics. Including “Hi, AI”, a film that looks into the future and shows how artificial intelligence is already influencing our lives and where the technology actually stands. The young artist and internationally acclaimed singer Aurora opens her insides in the documentary "Once Aurora". "Sakawa" by Ben Asamoah gives an insight into the poor and hopeless circumstances of Ghanaian men who try their luck with Internet scams on dating sites.

Moving feature films
In the feature film competition, Gregor Schmidinger's debut film “Nevrland” will be at the start. A transpersonal journey by young Jakob, played by Simon Fürwirth and Josef Hader in the role of the father.
The Greek production “Pause” portrays the life of an oppressed housewife and her fantasies of revenge against her husband. The film "Dream State" from Denmark is also about the important decisions in life, not only in youth, but also in later years. This year's short films allow viewers to immerse themselves in different topics: It's about love, dark secrets, lightness and, in the mountain sports shorts category, the symbiosis of sport and nature.

Film program at www.ffkb.at
The entire program of the seventh Kitzbühel Film Festival can be found at www.ffkb.at
Choose a film, cut out the coupon in the print edition of week 33 and enjoy the cinema experience!

The Kitzbüheler Anzeiger and the Kitzbühel Film Festival wish you a lot of fun!