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Technical writing basic course

Writing requirements might seem easy at first - but it isn't. Again and again, poorly written specifications, concepts and other texts lead to misunderstandings and, in the worst case, incorrectly implemented products or products that are incomprehensible to the user. Technical texts have to be written very differently than we learned in the experiential essay at school. What counts here is a good structure and a clear message. Clarity, simplicity and completeness are more important than an exciting story. In this workshop you will learn basic rules for writing requirements. Using specific examples, we work out how to formulate specifications, documentation and manuals in a clear and understandable manner. You will learn quality criteria for good texts, how to recognize weaknesses and tips and tricks for good formulation.


  • Motivation and Goals
  • Basics of writing requirements
  • What makes a good text? - quality criteria
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Define goals, key message and readership
  • Structure the text
  • Make it short, clear and understandable
  • Use images and models in a targeted manner
  • Establish uniqueness
  • 3 important sentence templates
  • Check and have it checked


1 day


After this training you will be able to design and write clear and understandable texts. You are familiar with common pitfalls in writing and know how to avoid them. In this way, you enable smooth collaboration with your texts and avoid unnecessary inquiries.

target group

  • product manager
  • project Manager
  • Requirements engineers
  • Business analysts
  • distribution
  • documentation
  • Architects
  • quality manager

Included in the seminar price

  • Seminar documents
  • Writing pad (pad and pen)
  • 2 coffee breaks per seminar day (morning and afternoon) with coffee, tea, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks
  • Seminar drinks in the seminar room (water and juices)
  • one lunch per seminar day including one non-alcoholic drink per participant

In the case of ONLINE courses, the price of the course was reduced by the catering, the seminar documents are usually available in digital form.