Why did Twitter add direct messages

Twitter: what is private and what is public?

What's the difference between @ replies, mentions, and direct messages?

@ Reply

If you reply to a tweet (curved arrow in the update), the person's Twitter name (e.g. @SandraHolze) appears at the very front in the Twitter window. You can just add your answer. Your answer will then appear on my Twitter page. By the way, you can answer me if you don't follow me.


This answer is public.

In any case, your answer is publicly available to everyone. The ability to get in touch with anyone on Twitter without having to get permission first makes all the difference to other networks. And also the great potential for the uncomplicated establishment of new contacts.

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When do you use the @ answers?

@Answers are the most widely used form of exchange on Twitter. They are suitable for uncomplicated, quick conversations in which others can also participate.

You shouldn't use @ replies to go back and forth over dinner or to have detailed conversations. Remember, the answers can be read by anyone. So avoid boring conversations for others as well as personal ones.

Tip: Send frequent @ replies as this will help you make new contacts and become new followers from the contacts.


If you mention someone in your update, this update button will appear on the other person's page just like the @ reply. All you have to do is add the username with @ in front of your message. Mentions also help build relationships. Because you appear in the news stream of the aforementioned, you increase your reach enormously.


The answer was to Ed and I was mentioned.


For example like this: For easy-to-understand social media tips, check out @SandraHolze.

Anyone who replies to your tweets or mentions you in a tweet can be seen on Twitter on the @Connect page under mentions.

Direct messages

Direct messages are private, unlike @replies. Only you and the recipient can see them; they don't appear anywhere, not even in Google search.

Direct messages are private.

Use direct messaging when no one else is interested in the conversation but the two of you. Or if it's a private conversation.

You can create a direct message from the menu (see photo above) or by creating a new tweet and starting as follows:

d @SandraHolze + Your message

Note: You can only send direct messages to people who follow you.

Next Steps

In the future, use @ replies and mentions more often to build relationships on Twitter. Remember, this will also increase your visibility on Twitter! That's exactly what you want!

Do you have any questions about Twitter? Leave me a comment.