Must be buried Bokashi

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Hello bine,
The state of affairs so far is that I buried the subject of Bokashi. Instead, I think there has been a thermal composter in the garden since September. The worm farm has been running in the basement since August. Therefore I cannot make any results regarding the soil yet.
I hope that I can then work in the first worm humus in spring and that the composter will also bring some yield. Both seem to be going well.
In the Wurmcafe I am on level 2 with no problems. I have very dear Judels . And there is also something going on in the composter. Today when I ventilated I also found a big worm. I had put some in there as a test. They seem to be fine and at first I was afraid that they would be too cold. But winter is just coming. Hope it goes well.
I alternately added bentonite, primary rock flour and vegetable charcoal to the compost material, and horn flour in the case of leaves, in order to harvest the best possible humus. Let's see is my big experiment!
I will report how the garden year has turned out who have favourited worm humus and compost harvests.
As always, patience is required - after all, you learn to be a worm farmer . But I had the impression that the incorporation of bentonite also had a positive effect on the storage capacity of water. And the summer was really superdry!
I will then be happy to share my experiences with you.
The garden fairy