Which cheese goes well with avocados?

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Wraps with ham

Whether it's a picnic or an excursion, the wraps with ham are a must. The recipe is easy to prepare and the wraps are delicious.

Mini burritos with mushrooms

The mini burritos with mushrooms, avocado cream, rice, tomatoes and cheese are easy to make according to this recipe.

Guacamole with cream cheese

The recipe for the guacamole with cream cheese is quick to prepare. The avocado cream goes well as a spread with quesadillas or nachos.

Coliseum burger

With the Coliseum Burger from Eat the BallĀ®, you can easily cook a tasty, hearty burger from American Football Original Bread.

Avocado cream on toast stars

The recipe for delicious finger food. You can't get enough of the spicy avocado cream on toast stars.

Avocado filled with Roquefort

The Avocado filled with Roquefort Not only does it taste delicious, it can also be prepared well when you have guests.

Avocado with egg

This recipe brings you a new highlight on your breakfast table. Baked avocado with egg - topped with bacon and cheese - is super delicious.

Avocado cheesecake

A nice no bake recipe is this avocado cheesecake, which adorns every cake buffet with its spring green color and tastes great.

Avocado pizza

This delicious avocado pizza even tastes good for breakfast. With this recipe it becomes very crispy, juicy and is enough for many pizza lovers.

Colorful rocket salad

This delicious mixed rocket salad in a spicy honey-mustard sauce is prepared in a few steps and is a perfect energy supplier.