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Drones jammers: Defense against drones

Can a threat fly over my property?

The answer to this question is not entirely clear to most people. Perhaps you too have the slight premonition that this is probably not allowed in Germany, as your personal rights are protected by the state here. So far there is no explicit law against drones. However, there is a specific decision by a court, which says that the accused pilot did not have the right to do so Private property to fly over with his drone. In the eyes of the court, it didn't even matter whether the drone in question had a camera or not.

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The AG Potsdam argued in its judgment of April 16, 2015, which can be found under the file number 37 C 454/13, that an overflight with a drone would be an encroachment on personal rights. The privacy of the landowner or tenant would be disturbed by such a drone overflight become. While drone pilots can use their drones as a hobby, in this case the protection of the privacy of third parties is the more important right that needs to be protected. After all, drone pilots can let their drones fly even if they don't disturb other people's privacy. This is possible, for example, on your own property or in public areas. Thus the Freedom of action for the drone pilots by this judgment only curtailed to the extent that this is the Protection of privacy other serves.

In this context, however, you should bear in mind that you often cannot understand who is controlling the drone while it is flying over your property and harassing you or filming or taking photos, even though you actually do not want to. In the case, which landed before the competent court in Potsdam in 2015, the injured party knew that it was a neighbor who wanted to beat him up. However, if you don't know who is trying to prank you, then a drone jammer is arguably the only way to deal with one effective drone defense to protect against such intrusions into your privacy.

Can you shoot down drones?

You may now ask yourself whether you can just use your air rifle to combat such nuisance from the air. After all, that would be a very effective form of drone defense while your neighbor or someone else simply lets his drone fly unauthorized over your private property or garden. If someone else is violating your right to privacy, why not just chase their drone? After all, you can not only do this with an air rifle, but now also with special laser pointers shoot which, thanks to their special construction, burn a hole in the drone's body.

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Tip! From a legal point of view, there is no 100 percent clear answer to this question. After all, it is definitely the case that someone else's property can be withheld or destroyed if this is for self-help. However, this only applies if the state cannot help the person concerned in good time or not at all. So if you can find out who owns the drone, you could call the police. However, if you do not do this and simply shoot down the drone, although the relevant state power could have helped you, then this is not allowed and you can even be reported by the other party for your actions and you can be held accountable accordingly.

At the same time, however, it can be argued that you have to act immediately, otherwise the drone could fly away with the images it took of you. It will therefore be at the discretion of the responsible judge and the further circumstances to what extent you had the right to shoot down the drone or not. If you find yourself forced to shoot down a drone over your property, you should definitely not resort to methods that are in themselves illegal are. Because the laser pointers just mentioned can be classified in this category, for example.

Interfere with drones with a drone jammer

The drone jammers are also not entirely undisputed. You should know that. However, there are at least drone jammers that indicate that the drones are not destroyed, but only disrupted. The principle behind these drone jammers is a simple one. How exactly can you disrupt drones? At a Drone jammer radio waves are fired so that the Defender forces the drones to land. This is done as follows:

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Frequency disturbance
  • The jammers against drones are used so that you can interfere with the remote control
  • The frequency between the drone and the pilot is disrupted
Response of the drone
  • The drone now believes that it is no longer within range of the pilot, even if that is of course not at all true
  • Depending on what type of drone it is, three reactions are now possible:
    • The drone either lands
    • it remains in the same position and waits in hover mode for it to re-establish contact with the pilot,
    • or it flies back to the point where it originally blew up

The defense against drones has thus been successful. Most drone jammers can be used not only against quadrocopters, but also against hexacopters and other types of drones. Because it is not the construction of the drone that counts, but the principle of the Frequency interference. However, you should know that Defender drones are currently still very expensive. Therefore, these defense measures against drones are more interesting for companies and certain authorities, but not for pure private use.

In most cases, you should simply call the police and step out of the drone's field of view as soon as you notice them. Also take a look around your surroundings, perhaps to find out who the drone belongs to. Because at the moment it is still the case that especially the drones, which are owned by private individuals, not too great a range to have. This makes it relatively easy for you to find out who owns the drone and who has made unauthorized recordings of you.

Advantages and disadvantages of a drone jammer

  • Protect yourself effectively against espionage by drones or multicopters by using a jammer.
  • Depending on the jammer, the drone's WiFi connection or another frequency is permanently disrupted, which in most cases causes the device to fly back to its pilot.
  • There are now models that are simply plugged into the socket and then scan the environment for drones. This makes handling extremely simple and straightforward.
  • The technology of jammers is developing just as rapidly as that of drones. As a result, the technology can quickly become outdated.

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Drones jammers: Defense against drones
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