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Translation of "voll Ehrgeiz" in English

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The keepers of order are up and down full of ambition.

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Our remarkable story was one full of ambition, Vision and inspiration.
Our remarkable story has been one of ambition, foresight, and inspiration.
We are at ShopWorks full of ambition and passion for online business.
You cancel that today full of ambition and in about five months we'll be back here to settle what happened.
We shall be here in about five months' time, totting up the accounts to see what has been done.
Now we have a new transport minister full of ambitionwho wants to modernize the rail service.
Now we have a new transportation minister, full of ambition, who wants to modernize the railway service.
Hardworking and full of ambition According to his information, the already very beautiful system will be brought up to date promptly and with great effort.
Hardworking and full of ambition which is already very beautiful plant is brought according to his information in a timely manner and with great effort to date.
He is restless as I used to be full of ambition.
He is what I used to be, restless, ambitious.
Even if fun was of course the main focus of the event, both the VLN pilots and the fans took the race full of ambition on.
Even though fun of course was prevailing for this event, both the VLN drivers and the fans were highly motivated for the race.
Firmly rooted in her position as the mother of the future tsar ... Katharina gave up the ideals of her youth ... and now aspired full of ambition to power.
Then perhaps you will convey to Her Highness ... that I've been waiting for some time now to congratulate her ... on the great historic event of providing our country with a much needed heir to the throne.
Full of ambition and Passion, Ainslie is a fascinating character whose athletic future is expected to take up the challenge of a UK America's Cup campaign request.
Driven and passionate, Ainslie is a compelling character whose future in the sport is expected to concentrate on his desire to launch a British America's Cup challenge.
What enables to better meet the needs of the international market. Hebei Sinostar prides itself on its young professional and well trained team that full of ambition and creativity is.
Which enables us to better meet the needs of the international market. Hebei Sinostar is proud of its young professional and well trained team, that is full of ambition and creativity.
Your words at the beginning of the pronunciation clearly showed that you were not only full of ambition go to work, but also want to play your role under the Lisbon Treaty.
Your comments at the beginning of the debate made it clear that you wish to set to work ambitiously, but also that you wish to perform your role as intended in the Treaty of Lisbon.
Icarus, son of Daedalus, is young and bold and looks intrepid towards the sun. As Ikar, he embodies the modern man today: Full of ambition if he strives to escape the repetitive everyday life, to move forward, higher and higher.
Icarus, son of Daedalus, is young and daring, and unafraid to stare straight into the sun. As Ikar, he is now the embodiment of the modern man: ambitious and longing to go further, to aim higher.
Eons of human evolution, full of Inventions, ambition and war.
And how you came to be here.
But the alpine rocker shows amazing talent, tremendous ambition and full Commitment.
But the alpine rocker shows amazing talent, uncommon ambition other full commitment.
During the Europe years I nurtured sympathy for the reconstruction of Spanish socialism .; I spent my time in festivals, seeking pleasure in a growing materialistic greed full Selfishness and ambition for professional fame.
In the meantime I graduated in medicine and went to Madrid. While in Europe I joined the movement for the renewal of Spanish socialism. I spent my time at parties and seeking out pleasure; I what totally egoistic and hungry for fame.
A story marked by superhuman efforts, daring and the vision of a man who overcame the greatest obstacles on the way to surviving the adventure of his life: laying the first telegraph cable through the Atlantic, a project full of Fame and ambition - Defeat and ruin.
It was a story of near superhuman effort, daring and was the vision of one man, who overcame adversity as he experienced the adventure of his life. The laying of the first transatlantic telegraph cable was a project full of fame and ambition, of defeat and ruin.
Ethics stands for honesty, openness, sincerity, fairness and social commitment and applies to every employee and to every customer and supplier. These values ​​are in the full In line with ours ambition or growth orientation.
Ethics is understood as honesty, openness, frankness, fairness and social commitment from our perspective. It applies for every employee as much as for every customer and supplier. These values ​​are in full accordance with our aspiration or rather expanding drive.
My ambition was right from April 1st full to be accounted for.
It was my ambition to start transactions right from the 1st of April.
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