Moodle content is copyrighted

Moodle learning platform of the Medical Faculty Mannheim

In the terms of use you will be informed about rights and obligations that you have to observe when using the Moodle learning platform of the Medical Faculty Mannheim.

  1. When using Moodle, the general legal provisions apply. No illegal content may be posted and the rights of third parties may not be violated.
    • All materials posted on the learning platform are protected by copyright, unless expressly stated otherwise. This means that the content is intended for personal use within the framework of the course, not passed on to third parties without the written consent of the author and may not be reproduced or changed. This also applies to materials that are created individually or jointly by participants during the course. Regardless of their ability to be protected by copyright, all users agree that personally created materials may be used for course purposes.
    • Users have access to personal data, e.g. names or self-made entries of the course participants (see data protection declaration). All users are obliged to treat the data of other users accessible to them as well as personal data to which they have access as strictly confidential and not to pass them on to third parties without authorization. The only exception is the corresponding written consent of the person concerned.
  2. "Course administrators" and other employers "with editing rights" represent the data processing body with regard to the data processed in the course and are responsible for the content.
    • Before using Moodle, users with editing rights must ensure themselves whether they are processing personal data and whether this is lawful. Special categories of personal data such as patient-related data may only be entered into the system for a specific purpose in accordance with the legal requirements with the express written and effective consent of the person concerned. The consent must be made available to the administrators and other authorized persons upon request.
    • Publication of Moodle content for presentation purposes is only permitted without user data. Personal data must be removed from the course content or anonymized prior to publication. The consent of the participants is required for the presentation of participant contributions.
  3. Users with editing rights ensure that the content they create meets the requirements of the current UrHG.
  4. The Medical Faculty Mannheim reserves the right to delete courses and content that violate the legal provisions. If there is a violation of the terms of use, the user is requested to refrain from this behavior. If he or she does not comply with this request, he or she will be temporarily or permanently excluded from use by the administrators of the learning platform or by the Medical Faculty Mannheim, so that this does not conflict with any statutory claims. There is no entitlement to re-admission. The prerequisite for re-admission is, among other things, a written application with the assurance that the abusive behavior will not be carried out in the future.
  5. Data relevant to examination law (including examination dates) may not be saved exclusively on the learning platform. The learning platform may not be used as an examination archive. Participant-related data is assigned to the respective registered participant by the system and is lost if the database or the user profile is deleted (e.g. due to de-registration). A retention obligation that is necessary for the administration of examinations cannot therefore be met, and sustainable storage over several semesters cannot be guaranteed.
  6. The Medical Faculty Mannheim reserves the right to extend or change these terms of use. If parts or individual formulations of this text do not, no longer or not completely correspond to the current legal situation, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and validity. Users of the learning platform will be continuously informed about changes to the terms of use. The currently valid terms of use are published on the learning platform.