How expensive is iMac compared to PC

Windows 10

Macs have the reputation of hipster accessories. Those who want to be "in" carry their computer with the apple logo with them. The amazing thing is that the effect has been working reliably for years. Apparently Apple always manages to reinvent itself and keep it talking.

In terms of the overall market, however, the number of Mac computers remains manageable. The share is in the low single-digit percentage range, in German companies they can often only be found in graphics departments or at hip startups.

  1. Mac or PC? A test over ten rounds
    Thanks to the iPhone and Apple Watch, Apple is more popular than ever before, but the new Windows 10 is also giving Microsoft a boost. A good time for a reality check: Are Apple's iMacs and Macbooks suitable as real PC alternatives?
  2. 1st round: design
    1-0 for the Mac. Overall, the Mac can take the lead here. If the look of a computer is important, a Macbook or iMac is simply a better choice.
  3. 2nd round: costs
    1: 1 The victory goes to the PC here. Apple is paying too dearly for its products.
  4. 3rd round: support and guarantee
    2: 1 service is cheaper for PCs and also easier to get - an advantage for the PC.
  5. 4th round: data security and data protection
    2: 2 The Mac is the safer platform, so the point goes to the Apple world. However, no operating system is free from security holes.
  6. 5th round: software offer
    3: 2 The PC has the larger range of software, especially in the area of ​​industry software.
  7. 6th round: operating systems
    4: 3 No winner. Windows and OS X are top notch operating systems with their respective strengths and weaknesses.
  8. 7th round: suitability for companies
    5: 3 Corporate customers don't always have it easy with Apple. Windows also has the better management tools.
  9. 8th round: mobile devices
    5: 4 Apple wins convincingly here, Windows Mobile is not very successful with mobile devices.
  10. 9th round: games
    6: 4 On this subject, the point goes to the Windows computer. PC games like "Dirt Rally" appear first on the Windows platform.
  11. 10th round: fairness and environmental protection
    6: 5 Green IT is taken into account by all major manufacturers - but Apple is putting more effort into it.
  12. Conclusion: Windows wins the comparison
    The end result is 6: 5 - victory for the Windows platform by one point. Apple has weaknesses particularly in the areas of corporate use and software offerings. The biggest disadvantage compared to the PC platform is not so much the high price as the still low prevalence in Germany.

The Windows platform has dominated company networks in particular for many years: not only for individual computers, but also for servers. Microsoft had to accept criticism for unsuccessful updates such as Windows Vista and Windows 8. With Windows 10, Microsoft has hit another hit, as the increasing number of users shows. Reason enough to compare the two operating systems. In a competition over ten rounds, we check where the strengths and weaknesses of Mac and PC lie. We present the results on the following pages.