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Rheonics brings together a team of experts from leading universities and global companies to develop state-of-the-art instruments for monitoring fluid processes. Rheonics is advised by an advisory board made up of executives from the industrial automation and process industries.

Rheonics' products are already used in a variety of markets, from food processing to downhole oil and gas exploration and production by core brands such as Shell, BASF, Baker Hughes, Nestle, Sulzer and Bühler. We expand our markets through a combination of innovative technology, robust products and a focus on ease of use. We believe the density and viscosity fluid sensor market is at the height of the revolution with the introduction of stable, reliable, rugged, plug and play instruments.

Rheonics solutions are based on more than 30 years of research at ETH Zurich, one of the world's ten leading universities. With more than 10 years of collective experience, it brings together experienced experts from the fields of mechanics, electronics and fluid dynamics, whose task it is to develop customer-oriented, application-specific fluid sensor solutions. The founders of the company are Dr. Sunil Kumar, CEO; Professor Jürg Dual, Professor at the Institute for Mechanical Systems at the ETH; Professor Mahir Sayir emeritus, former head of IMES at ETH; Dr. Joe Goodbread, Chief Technology Officer and inventor of numerous innovative fluid sensor systems, Dr. Klaus Haeusler, who has developed a wide range of innovative fluid solutions for medical, food and polymer applications. We produce robust and reliable solutions based on time-tested and field-tested technologies that are supported by a broad and growing portfolio of intellectual property.