Should I stop masturbating?

Stop wanking - end porn addiction

It often starts at 15. Often it runs through life. Masturbation, masturbate, masturbation.

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For some it also starts much later in life. Most of those affected are men.

Women are more prone to sex addiction, men to porn addiction.

It is often not easy for anyone who wants to stop wanking.

Because it is often the most beautiful thing you have. Switch off after a busy day. Stress, anger, work and then watching a little more movies. Horny women or men with hard cocks.

How can you get rid of it? You try it. One fails. You try again. And it doesn't work again.

Why is it so hard to quit? Stopping jerking off is so hard because all you want to do is change your behavior. But you have to work on your settings. So to them root cause of behavior. This doesn't mean that you just have to change your mind.

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Because most of them prefer not to watch porn anymore. So it's not that simple. Rather, you have to start loving yourself more. This doesn't mean esoteric nonsense. But you have to find out why you even started jerking off.

Read here what one of the largest sex addiction experts in Germany has to say about the Lavario method.

Find your triggers:

  • In which situations do you find satisfaction?
  • How was the day before?
  • What makes you watch these films over and over again?
  • Boredom, Stress, Loneliness? Anger, fears, certain times of the day?

There are many triggers.

What can you do to make things like this less frequent? And if so, how can you react differently to it? And what are the underlying problems?

  • For example, if loneliness is a trigger: why can't you deal with loneliness well? Others can do it.
  • Or with stress? Others are also stressed out, but they don't respond with masturbation.

This is called root cause research. And that's also important if you want to stop wanking. In addition, it often helps if you become calmer overall.

How to stop wanking

  1. Relaxing exercises twice a day can help.
  2. It is also useful to set new goals in life. Who knows what he gets up for every day doesn't have to numb his stress or anger or loneliness so often.
  3. It is also good to get effective tips straight away.

So things that help immediately if you want to masturbate again. For example, a few drops of chili sauce down your throat. Or pour ice cubes into your shirt. Or no matter where you are, sprint 100 meters straight away. Or rub Japanese mint oil on your cheeks.

Or go inside and bring out images from happy childhood moments.

Or say to yourself: I can watch porn, but not now. Only in ten minutes. And then get distracted again.

Such tips - there are many of them in the Lavario program. But this also teaches you all the other things that this text was about earlier. So you can definitely learn to stop wanking. There are also videos from Lavario on Youtube. Here e.g. a link.

It's about a porn addict's problems and what the therapist says about them.