Would you share your best vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian cooking for guests


Vegetarian cooking for dear guests

Only the best for our guests - this of course also applies to the veggie kitchen! Here, seasonal vegetables in particular are the big stars on the plate - all the better if they are also grown regionally. Using fresh ingredients of excellent quality, we conjure up dishes that your loved ones will never get enough of - this is how vegetarian cooking is done with a lot of love!


Cooking vegetarian - clever ideas made easy

Creative ideas that you don't get presented every day are very popular with guests when it comes to vegetarian cooking! Even small deviations from the norm can lead to great enthusiasm - and if it simplifies the preparation - all the better! Our tin delicacies fall under this category. While the dishes such as potato salad "oven style", cauliflower curry from the tray or a tart are cooking in the oven, there is enough time for the guests.


To keep calm

The most important rule for vegetarian cooking: stay relaxed and be well prepared! For example, if you decide to have a warm dish, you can cut the vegetables into small pieces in advance and then store them covered in the refrigerator. Dry ingredients like rice and flour can be weighed in advance and liquids can be measured.

Another great idea: spoil your guests with cold vegetarian finger food. You can, for example, cut vegetables into sticks and serve them with various dips such as hummus or herb quark as well as bread. Would you like something more filling? Then round it off with well-prepared salads such as couscous salad, bulgur salad or lentil salad. By the way, vegetarian antipasti are also great for preparation.

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