Why are baerte becoming more and more popular

Beard styles: the coolest trends

Which beard styles are trendy in 2021?

Maleeq Oz, hairdresser and beard expert from Brisk knows: "Beard remains a trend. First and foremost, the well-groomed 5-day beard. Also in fashion again, also for younger men: a mustache à la Johnny Depp and Christoph Waltz." You can find out more about the mustache trend here.

So the hipster beard is out again?

"No, it stays! But regardless of trends, it is much more important that the beard fits the individual beard growth. So: If you have sparse hair growth, it is better to only wear a three-day beard than an irregular full beard", say Felix Ermer, Viktor Dik and Jonas Hillebrecht, founder of the Hamburg men's care brand Brooklyn Soap Company.

Which beard do women like most?

"The 3-day beard is still way ahead. Studies show that women particularly love the combination between soft skin and slightly tickling beard hair when kissing," says Maleeq Oz. what beards women like.

So that the beard does not poke, it must be groomed accordingly. How does it work?

A beard can be groomed and styled in the same way as the hairstyle. However, beard hair needs other care products so that it does not become brittle and frizzy. The basic equipment includes a beard soap for daily cleaning and a beard oil for the care of the beard hair and skin. What else helps if the beard is itchy?

How do I grow my beard?

"Every beard wearer will know that the first phase of growing is not that easy - the beard itches, the skin becomes dry and the longer the beard grows wilder. Often the reason why the beard is shaved off again these unpleasant side effects can be prevented with the right beard care. You look better and feel better, "said the experts from Hamburg.

Which beard suits me?

"A beard should skillfully underline a man's personality - but not replace it," emphasizes image trainer and style expert Andreas Weinzierl from Oldenburg. "A beard was and is simply an expression of masculinity. However, it is only type-appropriate if it harmoniously complements and underlines the lines of the face." We'll tell you what that means for you in the following.

The three-day beard is the favorite of women

More masculinity in 3 days: A study commissioned by Wilkinson has shown that the 3-day beard is the most masculine beard style of all for almost 75 percent of women.

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The three-day beard is the beard in its most original form. It grows on the cheeks, chin, mouth, and the upper neck area

Who is it?A comprehensive beard like the three-day beard makes the face appear rounder and softer, which is why it is particularly suitable for rectangular features. But it suits most men.

How does it work?A 3-day beard is particularly popular with women - provided that it is well-groomed. "The beard should look as if you are not doing anything, but it is not possible to just grow in. In other words, wash and oil it daily so that the hair does not stand back and forth and does not prick," recommends beard expert Maleeq Oz.

Care tip:L'Oreal Men Expert Barber Club 3-Day Beard and Face Care

And otherwise?So that the three-day beard doesn't turn into a full beard, trim the stubble to the same length every few days with a beard trimmer. Then clean the contours of the neck and cheeks with the razor. The professional recommends: "Please do not cut too precisely, otherwise the 3-day beard will quickly look like painted. Something more natural is more authentic." By the way: You can find the coolest beard trends of the celebrities here.

The full beard remains a trend

A full beard is not shaved, only trimmed and styled. Even if it looks wild and daring, regular care is important: So clean it daily and bring it into shape with oil or beard balm.

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A full beard stretches the face and makes full cheeks appear slimmer

Who is it? The full beard visually elongates the face. This makes it particularly advantageous for rather round faces. For the same reason, it shouldn't be worn too long on narrow faces.

How does it work? A long beard looks rustic, and the term "lumberjack beard" is also appropriate. Women find it difficult to see through men with full beards, but at the same time the wearers also seem reserved, says image consultant Andreas Weinzierl.

Care tip: beard brush made of olive wood for full beard care

Beard trend 2021: ZZ - the extra long full beard

You can't get more beard! With the overly long ZZ beard, the following applies: the longer, the hip. It often takes years for him to achieve ZZ status. You still have to trim it regularly - preferably not yourself, but once a month at the hairdresser's or barber you trust.

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So that an extra-long ZZ beard grows so tightly and neatly, it is important that you have your hair trimmed regularly

Who is it?The long beard stretches visually and is therefore particularly suitable for men with round or angular faces. A narrow face would disadvantageously elongate the beard.

How does it work?An extra-long full beard looks wild and robust, but also makes the wearer look older.

And otherwise? Incidentally, the Norwegian Hans N. Langseth had the longest beard - it reached a length of 5.33 meters.

Care tip: Beard oil from Susanne Kaufmann

Trendy beard hairstyle: full beard and mustache combination

Styled variants are just as trendy as wild full beard hairstyles. For example the station wagon with a slightly twisted mustache. "Mustaches only look good if they are appropriately shaped and styled. Therefore, a beard balm is a must," says beard expert Maleeq Oz.

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With a twisted mustache, your full beard gets a classy retro upgrade

Who is it?A mustache suits all face shapes. But: As with hair, the same applies here: less is more. Otherwise the look will quickly look disguised. The distinctive shapes of the mustache, in which the whiskers, some tens of centimeters long, are coiffed, twirled, curled or curled are more something for lovers.

How does it work? The mustache is more for the nostalgic, as it quickly appears cool to women, but also ironic and mysterious, Weinzierl knows. It even looks stuffy if it is not presented and styled in a sufficiently stylish way.

And otherwise? The mustache has many names: mustache, mustache or simply mustache. A well-known mustache wearer is Salvador Dalí, who justified his style with the words: "A man is not properly dressed without a mustache."

Care tip: Beard scissors from Tweezerman

The daring of fashion now wear mustaches

This combination of short upper lip and 3-day beard is significantly more wearable than the full beard and mustache combination above.

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With the fashion comeback of the 70s, a popular beard style of the decade is also back: the mustache

Who is it? In this variant, it does not noticeably influence the shape of the face and is therefore suitable for everyone whose beard grows full enough at this point.

How does it work?A mustache looks very neat but also quickly stuffy. The look comes across as much cooler and more relaxed in combination with a casual three-day beard.

And otherwise?A short mustache has already reached the desired fullness and length after 2-3 weeks. Then you should trim it with beard scissors about once a week.

Full beard hairstyles: beard-bald combo

Sure, nobody likes to go bald. However, hair loss does not mean that you always have to look the same from now on. Finally, you can still let the hair on your face grow and always wear different beard hairstyles.

Sementsova Lesia / Shutterstock.com
See it positively when the hair only grows on the face: It doesn't get any more masculine than the combo full beard and bald head

How does it work? The combination of full beard and bald head is one of the most striking. Many women even find this look particularly sexy. Click on the link if you want to know how to properly care for and shave your bald head.

And otherwise?Invest the time you save on styling your beard. Regular visits to the barber and daily beard grooming are mandatory.

Beard hairstyle in the undone look: the six-day beard

A 6-day beard is the perfect compromise between a full beard and a 3-day beard. This beard style looks bold but well-groomed.

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A 6-day beard makes the face appear softer

Who is it? Men with a more rectangular or elongated face tend to look slim and sometimes even bony. In this case, the six-day beard "covers" these hard contours and can therefore look appealing.

How does it work? Casual. However, in order to escape the unkempt impression, the beard must be trimmed and cared for regularly. It is important that the beard looks well-groomed, but not done. Therefore, if possible, do not shave the contours and under no circumstances shave too precisely.

Timeless beard style: sideburns remain a trend

The sideburn beard runs symmetrically on both cheeks and represents a "connection" between the main hair and the rest of the beard hair. The term sideburns is derived from the French "côte", which literally means "side". At the moment, sideburns are worn rather short, up to half of the ears at most.

sanneberg / Shutterstock.com
Retro à la Bob Dylan: the sideburn beard is still a trendy beard style

Who is it?This beard shape makes the face look longer, so it is particularly suitable for round faces.

How does it work? Andreas Weinzierl knows: "On women, the beard looks playful and seductive."

And otherwise?The sideburn beard is retro cult: Bob Dylan and John Lennon already wore it.

And finally: which beards will no longer work in 2021?

Maleeq Oz says: "Beards that are too perfectly contoured or colored are totally out. That has nothing to do with masculinity!"

And which beard hairstyle do you like best? If you can't commit, why not try a different style regularly. You have enough inspiration now.