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Hearing protection for musicians and concerts

Which hearing protection is the best for musicians?

Professionals from the music industry know: hearing protection for musicians that is individually adapted to your situation can counteract noise-related hearing damage. The experienced Amplifon hearing care professional recommends hearing protection and then adjusts it individually. But people who regularly attend music events or make music themselves in their free time should also protect their hearing.

The ear - a musician's capital

Whether rock or classical: the high level of exposure to noise can become a problem for musicians in the long run - it remains without individually adapted earplugs. Concert or stage performances without protection for the ears can lead to sudden hearing loss, tinnitus or even permanent hearing loss. The effects of noise are often underestimated: With impaired hearing, musicians can often find it difficult to concentrate on their work. In addition to the acute stress on the impaired hearing, the fear of no longer being able to do the job grows. Professional musicians know: the volume of an orchestra or rock concert often reaches levels that would no longer be permitted in an industrial environment. Intelligent hearing protection is therefore essential for musicians. Drums, bass, or trumpet aren't the only instruments that affect your hearing. Apparently quieter tones of the violin or piccolo can also lead to hearing damage.

  • It is best for DJs to wear individual hearing protection with customized earmolds from a hearing care professional under their headphones. These do not interfere when the headphones are placed over them. Since even soft tones must be clearly audible when mixing the transitions, a test phase makes sense: If you have not tried hearing protection yet, you can use different filters to find out which attenuation you can handle well.
  • Drummers put a lot of strain on their hearing. You are constantly confronted with 110-120 decibels. So that you can hear the band well despite the attenuation, you should wear musicians' hearing protection with a high level of protection.
  • Guitarists need particularly good hearing. Here, of course, adapted earplugs with the option of using them for in-ear monitoring are recommended (see below).
  • Orchestra musicians are so dependent on sophisticated hearing that their ears need a lot of protection. You can live well with filters from 17 dB.

Let Amplifon show you the various options for intelligent hearing protection: Our experienced hearing care professionals will advise you in detail.

Hearing protection for concerts and clubs:

Loud concerts or club visits can damage the hair cells in the ear. Many people then notice ringing in their ears or hear only muffled. Even a hearing test often turns out worse after attending loud music events. Tinnitus can also remain after concerts or sporting events. Sometimes the hair cells regenerate, but in some cases it doesn't work. Music events such as rock concerts often reach a volume of over 100 decibels. This value is comparable to a jackhammer. After all, a chamber concert comes to 90 decibels. With the right filter (see below), concert earplugs do not spoil the enjoyment of music. Do something good for your ears and enjoy concerts, festivals or even the football stadium with hearing protection. You can get earplugs for concerts at your Amplifon branch.

Adapted hearing protection with filter

Adapted hearing protection is the safest way to protect your ears against noise. Depending on the use, the adapted ear protection can be provided with a filter. If you want to hear the music muffled but well, you can have hearing protection made with a suitable music filter. Such a musician's earplug has a filter that preserves the sound experience and is easy on the ears. Earplugs for workers, on the other hand, work with a filter technology that attenuates particularly high-pitched sounds, but leaves calls from colleagues audible.

Custom-made hearing protection is fitted exactly to your ear by the Amplifon hearing care professional. The soft material (mostly silicone) adapts so comfortably to the ear that the individual hearing protection does not pinch even after hours.

Do you work as a musician or do you regularly attend loud music events in your free time? Protect your hearing from lasting damage. Modern hearing protection can be flexibly adapted to your needs and does not impair the sound experience. Let our hearing experts advise you competently. Together we will find the best solution for your individual situation. Come to an Amplifon specialist shop near you for a no-obligation consultation.

Ear canal monitor plastic

The ear canal monitor plastic creates an optimal connection between mini earphones and hearing. Thanks to the individual production, the hearing protection sits perfectly in the ears and is very comfortable to wear thanks to its soft material.

In-ear headphones Fischer AmpsĀ® FA

The Fischer AmpsĀ® FA hearing system particularly impresses people with high demands when performing on stage. Optimally coordinated components enable a unique sound experience, also for enjoying music at home or on the go.

The ear canal monitor plastic is particularly suitable for people who have to focus directly on a sound source, such as musicians or sound engineers. Their tailor-made connection leads to a reduced perception of background noises.

ePRO-ER: Musicians' hearing protection with various filters

Benefit from the individual production of the ePRO-ER hearing protection. The professional hearing protection can be equipped with various filters and is available in strengths of 10, 15, 25 and 30 dB. With its custom-made otoplastic, ePRP-ER can be used in combination with bachmaier bIEM as customized in-ear headphones.

The sound experience is fully retained. The ePRO-ER hearing protection is made of soft material and is therefore hardly noticeable for the wearer. It is ideal for use on stage and for common playback devices. With the EIM 15 stereo headphones, the ePRO-ER hearing protection can be professionally expanded into an in-ear monitoring system.

In-ear monitoring headphones EIM 15

This earpiece can be expanded to a customized in-ear with one click: the EIM-15 in-ear earphone is clicked into the individually adapted hearing protection otoplastic ePRO-ER. It is small and light, with very good sound properties.