How will I fulfill all my wishes

I've always wanted to help make wishes come true. Preferably, of course, big, important wishes and intentions for the benefit of all. I am happy about it and it also comforts me when wishes come true. It confirms my belief in an evolving world.
I've had a lot to do with desires in my life. With my own wishes, of course, but also with those of the people I got to know through my consultation. I would like to share what I have experienced and learned:

Wishes come true when we are ready for them, not hoping, not longing - but completely ready. It is not a question of luck and it is no matter how unrealistic the Wish is. It is important to express your own clear intention and then to look openly what life brings with it.

Who fulfills our wishes?

One can argue about that for a long time. Depending on the development and direction of your own imagination, religiosity and spirituality, it is "the universe", God and gods, the "spiritual world", the angels, yourself, chance or imagination. I think there is no need to philosophize about it with wisdom, because there is the spiritual law of resonance: We attract what we ourselves radiate in our lives. That is why the first thing that happens is what we are afraid of and, on the other hand, the lucky ones in life who have never worked honestly, also win the lottery ...
So if you have a wish, you should be clear about its charisma. In my experience, it is often the wishers themselves who prevent fulfillment. It is also quite natural and sensible to doubt that a wish will be granted. Then it is important to reinforce your own (positive) intention and to give it a certain emphasis. For example, by writing down your goal, regularly thinking about it, saying it in front of you, or by repeatedly visualizing the wish that has been fulfilled.

Which wishes can be fulfilled?

I've seen everyone feel real Heart's desire completely fulfilled at the right time. That is why I would like to use this page to encourage everyone to formulate and express their heartfelt desires.
"If only I had a pink Cadillac ..." - dreams, on the other hand, often remain an unfulfilled dream if they are not fulfilled by good friends or by chance. Sometimes we also wish it wasn't the way it is. These are our hopes that arise from rejection, fears, pain, illness, grief and worry. I have observed that in addition to such hopes, there are usually other disappointments. In such situations it is helpful to first collect all remaining strength and focus on yourself.

Formulate wishes correctly

Formulating a heart's desire is a real art. In my experience it is not a question of strictly adhering to certain rules - but there are spiritual laws that cannot be circumvented. For example, it can take a long time to "translate" an uncomfortable feeling, a deep longing or loneliness into a wish. Here, in the situation of an unclear wish, many people with their bad experiences usually come to the conclusion that nothing can be gained with "pious wishes".

They are Rules for wishes:

  • Wishes should be formulated without negation.
  • The way (the way) in which a wish can be fulfilled should be left open and serve the good of all.
  • Desires must respect the freedom of others.
  • Wishes are timeless, they cannot be tied to times (deadlines) and should be formulated in the present tense.

If a wish is correctly formulated, the trust in the fulfillment of the wish must also be greater than one's own worry and anxiety. There is also the important aid of your own resonance and amplifiers such as the wish trays.

Examples of the formulation of your wishes

One should allow enough time for a precise formulation. Here are a few examples of correctly formulated wishes:

  • [future event] will be a blessing (for ...) on all levels.
  • I always have as much money as I need to live.
  • I thank you for the opportunity to improve myself considerably economically.
  • I find my purpose and am happy with it.
  • My apartment suits my needs and is protection and blessing at the same time.
  • My work corresponds to my abilities and needs.

Please do not wish anything that encroaches on the freedom of others! The wish "Peter comes back to me and loves me" is definitely ineffective (and will strengthen one's own disrespect). Likewise, the fulfillment should remain in the realm of the imaginable - see: Trust and resonance. Wishes like "I want to become a millionaire" usually only serve to confirm your own financial frustration by a further failure.

Wishes are very certain to come true if we fully trust them. This is not always easy, because our own beliefs about probability and "our merit" oppose trust with great force.

It is therefore helpful to actively strengthen and deepen the trust in the completely natural fulfillment so much that one can relax and even forget the desire for it. For me, all of this has become possible together with the wish trays that I would like to recommend.

These are further helpers for them Fulfillment of a wish:

  • See the wish fulfilled in front of you.
  • Paint a picture of what you want in as much detail as possible.
  • Write down the wish in a particularly beautiful way.
  • Express the wish clearly.

To be in resonance

From many years of experience with wishes and manifestations, I can say that it makes sense to bring your own emotional life intensely into harmony with the goal of the wish. You can imagine that your wish would have come true: how would you feel and what would you do?

We attract what we identify with in our life, where our consciousness is. That is why a wish for something that does not suit us at all (e.g. the famous Lottomillion - although we consider ourselves to be unlucky) without good formulation and support always remains a pipe dream. Hopes, longings and beliefs stand in the way of a wish-fulfillment, as do fears and worries.

I recently received a quote from the original text of the Bible (Jn 16) on the subject of resonance, which I find very appropriate - and that's why it should be here as food for thought:

"Ask for all things to be clear and direct ... in my name they will be yours
are given. So far you haven't done that.
Please do not have any background motives and let yourself be surrounded by your answer.
Be enveloped in what you long for, then your joy will be great!"

Be in tune with the wish fulfilled, do not doubt! In my opinion, there is no need to let go of a wish (but the idea that it will come true immediately). It is even helpful to completely surround yourself with the desire: to wash around yourself with the desire to shower, to stroll through the facets of the desired destination when walking, to attract the environment of the desire like a magnet - with the greatest joyful readiness.

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