What is juxtaposition in poetry

Lots of different poems

Poems can be designed very differently. They can be modern or traditional, they can come from different literary epochs, they can be long or short, they can consist of one sentence, they can appear meaningless in terms of content.
So the poem has a limitless nature.

Comparing poems: similarities and differences

Your task now is to compare poems, examine them in terms of form (e.g. meter), content and language (linguistic means such as metaphors) to find out which ones Similarities and differences you can see:

  • What is behind the words?
  • Do the authors reproduce similar thoughts in their poems or do they take opposing positions?
  • How is the mood in the poem, rather calm and relaxing or wild and tense?

You will get to the bottom of these and other questions below ...

The comparison

First of all, you should be sure that you have a basic understanding of poetry research.

You know, …

  • how a poem is structured (stanzas and rhyme)?
  • what are linguistic means such as metaphors and personifications?
  • what is the meter of a poem?

  • which linguistic formulations are used in a poem examination?

All right? Then watch the following video and you will learn how to proceed with a poem comparison!

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