What is ethics for an IT professional

Society for computer science: Ethics as a compulsory subject for programmer training at universities

The Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) calls for ethical questions to be included as compulsory subjects in the computer science curricula at universities. "Computer science has long since changed from a purely technical-mathematical science to a cross-sectional discipline that affects many aspects of everyday life and has seriously changed our lives", said GI President Oliver Günther. "IT specialists should not limit themselves to the technical and economic issues of their discipline."

  1. Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG, Frankfurt am Main
  2. ivv GmbH, Hanover

In order to be able to operate IT in a sensitive and responsible manner, basic knowledge is required in order to be able to overlook and assess the legal, social and political dimensions of the work, emphasized Günther: "Data protection, copyright" and so-called "Dual use" of IT products in the military sector are just a few examples of socially relevant issues that almost every IT specialist is confronted with in their work.

Computer scientists must always be aware of the ethical, social, legal and political consequences of their developments. In addition, it is their responsibility to support and advise users on the safe and responsible use of IT. The competent specialists required here would primarily have to be trained accordingly at the universities, said Günther.

Last year, 48,423 new students were enrolled in computer science at universities. That was an increase of 17.8 percent or an increase of 7,000 compared to the previous year. The number of IT trainees rose by 9.2 percent to 14,961.