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The most important cuttlefish in culinary terms are cuttlefish, squid and octopus. Here you will find everything you need to know about these multi-armed sea creatures.

Characteristics of the octopus

Squid is the generic term for all cephalopods, which - with the exception of one inner schoolp - are relatives of mussels and snails without shell. Squids are usually around 30 cm long and weigh up to 5 kg. Your delicate arms are often used in the kitchen. The black ink with which the animals surround themselves in case of danger can be used to color pasta or rice.

Squids have highly developed sensory organs and a well-developed nervous system. They feed mainly on mussels, crabs and fish. The respiratory water flows in through the jacket cavity, which is open to the front, and out again through a narrow tube, which can create a powerful recoil, which the squid use to move. Most squids also have movable color cells on their surface, with which they can change their color for camouflage.

The main species of squid

The most important types of cuttlefish from a culinary point of view are cuttlefish, squid and octopus.

Sepias have a stocky and clumsy body with ten arms. Your coat has a rather rounded shape. Most of the time they hold up Cuttlefish close to the ground. The Kalkschulp inside contains many gas-filled chambers that provide buoyancy. The tentacles of this squid are usually rather short.

The smaller the animals, the more tender their meat is. For large squids, you can pound the meat until it is soft before cooking. You can grill, roast or braise cuttlefish. They also taste delicious when filled and cooked in the oven. The most popular are breaded or deep-fried cuttlefish.

Squids, also called squid, have a long, slender body and ten arms. The head with the tentacles is also elongated. The eight mouth arms are relatively short, but squids also have two long tentacles. They are very good swimmers and active hunters.

The meat of the squid is firm and lean and can be eaten raw, for example as sushi. You can also briefly boil, sear, grill or deep-fry the meat or stew it for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the size.

Octopuses have only eight arms and no elongated tentacles. They are soil dwellers and mostly live in crevices or caves in the rock. They only move quickly in escape situations and then only over short distances. Octopuses are mainly of culinary importance in the Mediterranean countries and in Japan.

It is best to boil or stew octopus. Sometimes you can get fried or grilled octopus as well. These squids take a long time to cook so that the firm meat is tender and not tough. If you pound the meat of large animals until it is tender, it will cook faster.

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