Are you with your soulmate

It is clear that you are with your soulmate when these 16 things happen while cuddling

1. Whether in bed or on the couch, you know exactly how to position yourself to create maximum comfort for both of you.

2. You don't back off when he puts his hands on your chest because you know he's not trying to initiate sex. He's happiest when he's got his hands on your bare skin.

3. In fact, you can press your completely naked body against him without worrying about him doing things sexually. This does not mean that you are no longer attracted to each other. It just means that you have seen each other's bodies so many times that you are completely comfortable when you are naked.

4. If you are really in the mood for sex, you don't need to say a word. All you have to do is wiggle your bum and he'll know what to do. You're on the same wavelength.

5. If you feel lazy, there is no need to move. You will be able to have sex in your cuddle position, with him acting as the big spoon and you as the little spoon. In fact, it's the perfect position because it makes it easy for him to reach and rub the clitoris.

6. After sex, you can cuddle again as if nothing has changed. You are still in the mood to be close.

7. If you cuddle, you can talk nonsense to him. You can ask him hypothetical questions about the end of the world, give him answers to brutal "would you rather" questions, and tell him about the shitty posts you've seen on Facebook.

8. If your feet are cold, you will always find a way to get them under his legs. He won't complain because he's used to the feeling of your freezing skin by now.

9. He kisses you on innocent places like your forehead and the back of your hand. He does not expect anything in return.

10. He annoys you that you hog the blankets and crawl on his side of the bed, but you know these are empty complaints. If you weren't there, he would miss it.

11. The quickest way to fall asleep is to rest your head on his chest. He makes you feel so safe, so relaxed and so wanted. You never get that deep sleep when you're alone.

12. Sometimes his arm or leg falls asleep but he doesn't move because he loves you so much. It's like having a sleeping puppy on his lap. To disturb you is unthinkable.

13. He's never ashamed of unexpected boners. Either you laugh at it, ignore it, or you turn around and kiss it.

14. He lets you be the big spoon every now and then. He likes to feel your arms around him, just as he loves to wrap his arms around you.

15. When the cuddling session is over and you have to get on with the day, you feel like part of your heart is missing. It sounds mushy and clich├ęd, especially since you're such an independent woman, but you hate being far away from him.

16. When you cuddle with him, you feel like you are exactly where you want to be. Not just in the moment. For the rest of your life.