What is the best tech curation website

From social media to invoicing:
These are the 5 best tools for marketing freelancers

3. Mind master

Marketers who work conceptually should Mind master testing. The tool makes it possible to create mind maps, to visualize ideas accordingly and to develop them further. Mindmeister is completely web-based - that means no download is necessary to use it. In the basic version, up to three graphics can be created - if you want more, you can choose between three subscription models.

4. Evernote

In order to increase their own productivity, many freelancers also have the tool Evernote proven. The platform aims to be the technical extension of the brain in which information can be stored, found and shared. Organizing content, creating notes or managing to-dos with project colleagues in one central location - all of this is possible in the business version of Evernote. The tool works independent of platform and file type and provides numerous aids, such as the WebClipper - a service for storing websites - and handwriting recognition in notes and photos. The basic version of Evernote is free - if you want additional services, such as the context function that uses artificial intelligence to search for relevant content on the web, you can get the premium version for 59.99 euros a year.