What are the main advantages of Agile

Advantages and disadvantages of Scrum

In recent years there has been a real hype about Scrum as a method in agile project management. This has somewhat obscured the view that Scrum not only offers advantages, but can also have its disadvantages. For example, the framework is suitable for medium-sized to large or complex projects, but in (too) small projects the iterative way of working in sprints can even lead to unnecessary time losses compared to classic methods. Furthermore, Scrum presupposes the ability to act independently - a team that is wrong from the start can only be corrected with great difficulty during a sprint.

Here is a brief overview of the main advantages and disadvantages of Scrum.

Benefits of Scrum

  • Few rules, easy to understand and quick to implement
  • Short communication channels
  • High flexibility / agility through adaptive planning
  • High effectiveness through self-organization
  • High transparency through regular meetings and backlogs
  • Realization of new product features or increments in real time
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Short-term problem identification
  • Little administration and documentation effort

Disadvantages of Scrum

  • No overall overview of the entire project route
  • High communication and coordination effort
  • Few specific recommendations for action
  • Loss of time with too "defensive" sprint planning
  • "Danger of tunnel vision" when focusing exclusively on tasks
  • Difficult coordination of several development teams in large projects
  • Potential uncertainty due to a lack of responsibilities and hierarchies
  • Potential incompatibility with existing corporate structures

Overall, it can be said that the introduction of Scrum as a framework for agile development processes must of course be carefully considered in advance.

Because Scrum does not always fit everywhere and requires a major rethink in companies if they have previously relied exclusively on top-down processes. So you should always be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the method.