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Teen Titans (TV Series)

Teen titans is an American animated series from the studio Warner Brothers.

Production history and series plot Edit source]

Teen titans is a cartoon adaptation of the DC Comics superhero comics of the same name. It was created between 2003 and 2006 by Warner Bros. Animation produced and comprises five seasons, of which only the first two were broadcast in German by RTL2 between 2004 and 2005. The series proved extremely popular and resulted in a number of spin-offs, including a comic series under the title Teen Titans Go! (after the battle cry used in the series for the Titans) and a cinema-length film (Trouble in Tokyo).

The series is about the adventures of a team of five young superheroes who are considered some of the most famous and beloved of the Titans in the original comics.

Robin (Dick Grayson)
The leader of the Titans. Although he has no superpowers, he is trained in martial arts as a former Batman apprentice. In the series, he is portrayed as a perfectionist who, while trying to complete his tasks to the last, often becomes stubborn and thus comes into conflict with his teammates. (Speaker: Scott Menville)
Starfire (Princess Koriand'r)
An alien and member of the royal family from the planet Tamaran, who can generate and emit energy. She came to earth hostage to a hostile alien race, where she was able to free herself thanks to the other Titans and render her enemies harmless. She is often naive towards earthly customs and is portrayed as very friendly, but can become a terrifying adversary under appropriate pressure. (Speaker: Hynden Walch)
Beast Boy (Garfield Logan)
A green-skinned boy who can transform into any known animal. He was formerly a junior member of the superhero group Doom Patrol, but left it because the excessive severity of their leader Mentor got on his nerves too much. With the Titans he became a joker who tries to get attention with exaggerated jokes, but often puts himself in the deep end with it. Because he's turned into some kind of meat-producing animal on some occasion, he's a strict vegan. (Speaker: Greg Cipes)
Raven is the daughter of the demon Trine and the human woman Arella. Because of her half-demonic inheritance, which Trine wants to use to conquer the earth, she is afraid of letting her feelings run free and thus falling for her evil side; therefore she keeps as far as possible emotional distance from her companions. She supports the Titans with her skills in the magical arts. (Speaker: Tara Strong)
Cyborg (Victor Stone)
A school athlete who had a terrible accident and was turned into a cyborg by his father. Cyborg is a fun-loving young man who mainly enjoys everything in the series; however, he secretly lacks his full humanity. (Speaker: Khary Payton)

New Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go![Edit | Edit source]

In 2011, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment began airing a series of humorous Super Deformed-style short films with the collectible title DC Nation shorts, including some stories entitled New Teen Titanswhich are based on the television series. Because of the success of these shorts and the continued demands of the Teen titans-Fans became a spin-off series with the title from 2013 Teen Titans Go! broadcast.

Although the character designs and original speakers from the previous series are used, it is not a direct sequel. Rather is Teen Titans Go! divided into several short stories, which - mixed with slapstick - deal with the "everyday life" of the Titans. In the crossover film Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans from 2019, in which the main characters from both series meet, will Go! issued as a parallel universe.

Teen titans and TMNT[Edit | Edit source]

2012 series[Edit | Edit source]

Especially with regard to the 2012 TMNT Animated series feature some connections with Teen titans from:

  • Ciro Nieli, one of the directors of Teen titans, worked as executive producer on the TMNTSeries, as well as producer Glen Murakami. The voice actors Greg Cipes and Scott Menville also worked there as character voices: Cipes as Michelangelo, and Menville as a neurotic character in the fictional cartoon series that the Turtles watch over the course of the series.
  • Some episodes in the 2012 series contain hidden allusions to the Teen titans-Series.[1][2][3][4]
  • In various episodes of the Teen Titans Go!-Series appear the Turtles as guest characters:
    • In "Mas Y Menos" (episode 24) the super-fast twins Mas y Menos try to serve the Titans a decent meal and therefore give away the Titans' entire pizza supply to the Turtles.
    • In the episode "Truth, Justice, and What?" (Episode 88) Robin imposes a pizza ban on his teammates, which drives them to take mutagen and try to join the Turtles. When Robin finally lifts the pizza lock, but in return the Turtles have already swallowed all the pizzas in the world, the Titans start a friction with the Turtles.
    • A drawing by Raphael appears in Rose Wilson's hiding place in Operation Dude Rescue, Part 1 (episode 139).
    • In the episode "Costume Contest" (episode 197) the super villain clique H.I.V.E. Five shown in Turtles costumes in a flashback.
    • In Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, the cinematic spin-off of the series, the Titans want their own movie, but the producer tells them that if they were the only superheroes, she would only do it. That's why the Titans first try to travel back in time to prevent superheroes from arising in the first place. Among other things, they also prevent the four not yet mutated turtles from coming into contact with the mutagen, even though the turtles are not even part of the DC universe.
  • Khary Payton (Cyborg) acts as the character voice in the Summer shorts-Movie Teenage Mecha Ninja Turtles With.

IDW Comics[Edit | Edit source]

  • A female member of the Street Phantoms named Maze appears in IDW Comics, whose mask resembles the four-eyed demon figure of Raven. However, it is not known whether this is actually a homage to this figure.

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