How do I break a lock

Opening / cracking the door lock - brief instructions

In order to avoid the usually expensive locksmith service, you can pick the door lock in your own home by yourself.

Drill the lock - this is how you proceed

  1. Drill out the profile cylinder using the drill.
  2. The tumblers release, the screw is pulled out and the cylinder lock is easily removed.
  3. Put in a new door cylinder with screw - done.

Pick the door lock without drilling

The following instructions for cracking the door lock are intended as a motivation and self-help measure in the event of key loss by no means as an approach to criminal activity.

Required material:

  • Paper clip (small)
  • Paper clip (large)
  • Pliers
  • lock


  1. Bend the small paper clip 2 X (up to the inside) into a P-shape.
  2. Press the pliers at the point of the semicircle until the circle closes.
  3. Now bend open the large paper clip 1 time (if necessary, pull off the layer above with the pliers).
  4. The little paper clip with the curved P stick in. The rest of the paper clip points to the lock pins!
  5. Press against the small paper clip, at the same time push the large one in with the tip to the end
  6. Move the large paper clip until it cracks and opens. Then press the small paper clip and turn it.

The instructions for opening the lock cylinder described above are intended solely as assistance in the event of a key loss.

Buy a new door lock

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