How do I undress my parents

I don't want to undress in front of my parents?

Hi everyone!

Since my first pregnancy I have been concerned with a question that no one has been able to explain logically to me: it is a child's blood group in relation to its parents.

It is normally assumed that the birth child will have a blood group that is similar or identical to that of the parents or one of the parents. In my case, however, that doesn't work at all!

When I told my parents during my first pregnancy a good 1.5 years ago that I had blood type 0 negative they were pretty puzzled. Because my father has B positive and my mother A positive.

Usually the positive blood group is a very dominant group, so that it should have prevailed in all probability. In addition, neither my mother nor my father belong to group 0 or the Rhesus factor negative.

A friend of my mother's is a nurse and had explained at the time that there are blood group developments of this kind that are disproportionate to the parents, but that they are extremely rare.

Well, is that right? How can it be and why do such deviant blood group developments occur in a biological child?

And: No, I'm not a cuckoo or an adopted child! My father is my own, just as safe as my mother.