What is the best bagel shop in Manhattan

The best bagels in New York City

New York City is home to the best bagels in the world - what's more New York in the morning than a bagel and a delicious coffee?However, there are countless bagel cafés, deli’s & restaurants that offer bagels, but not all are recommended - which bagels are the best in New York City? I've discovered the best bagels in New York City for you and I'll tell you which bread rolls with holes you should definitely try.

The 32 best insider spots - experience New York like a local

I am particularly proud of this eBook (PDF) - you will find our absolute favorites here that we have got to know over the years. It is exactly THESE bars, restaurants, spots and secret locations that make New York our favorite city for us!

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The Best Bagels in New York City: Our Favorites

Crafted bagels (Address: 676 Amsterdam Avenue - read more here)

Shelky’s Smoked Fish (Address: 251 Smith Street, Brooklyn - read more here)

Valley bagels (Address: 2446 Broadway - read more here)

Pick a bagel (Address: 1101 Lexington Avenue - read more here)

Dyker Park Bagels (Address: 713 86th Street, Brooklyn - read more here)

Best Bagel & Coffee (Address: 225 West 35th Street - read more here)

Zabar’s (Address: 2245 Broadway - read more here)

Murray’s bagels (Address: 500 Sixth Avenue - read more here)

Beygl (Address: 291 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn - read more here)

Black Seed (Address: 170 Elisabeth Street - read more here)

H&H bagels (Address: 1551 Second Avenue - read more here)

The Bagel Hole (Address: 400 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn - read more here)

Russ & Daughters (Address: 179 E Houston Street - read more here)

Eat-a-bagel (Address: 831 Third Avenue - read more here)

David's bagels (Address: 273 First Avenue - read more here)

Barney’s green grass (Address: 541 Amsterdam Avenue - read more here)

Bagel Pub (Address: 287 9th Street, Brooklyn - read more here)

Absolute bagels (Address: 2788 Broadway - read more here)

Terrace bagels (Address: 179 E Houston Street - read more here)

Looking for the best breakfast?

We have often been asked by you where is the best place to have breakfast in New York and which diners we like. Like many of you, we love to have a typical American breakfast. Since most hotels don't have a really great breakfast anyway, the diners and breakfast cafés are always our number 1. Breakfast in New York is above all diverse - due to the many nationalities and tourists, people have adapted very well. You have a huge selection.

The best coffee shops

New York is now one of the most important coffee cities in the world. Cafes and coffee shops in New York City are a dime a dozen. The more unusual, the more successful is the motto here. Starbucks & Co. are still well attended, but the locals prefer to go to the small coffee shop around the corner.

The New York coffee drinkers are known to be a very experimental clientele who are more curious and wealthy than anywhere else, which is why a lot is tried out in the mega metropolis and there are no limits to coffee creations. People like to pay for good quality in New York - but where do you get this good quality?