Who sang the song Maniac in 1983

Michael Sembello - Maniac

"Maniac" by Michael Sembello was from him and Dennis Matkosky written. For both musicians, their contributions to the Flashdance soundtrack were career highlights. Neither Michael Sembello still Dennis Matkosky were able to celebrate great commercial successes again afterwards. "Maniac", on the other hand, was very successful, the song went to number one in the USA. However, it was Irene Cara internationally successful with the title song "Flashdance… What a Feeling". The hype around the film and the soundtrack at that time is no longer easy to understand today. The news magazine The mirror let himself be carried away to the following comment:

An hour and a half advertising film that advertises itself and nothing else, at most for the LP with the rock music soundtrack - the record is also absolutely nothing and would not be for sale without the film. The fact that almost all over the world teenagers pay for films and records is a triumph of the advertising industry over the cinema.

In spite of all the criticism, film played a very important role in youth culture. It can even be said that Flashdance was an obstetrician of the aerobic movement. This is all the more surprising when you consider that "Maniac" was written as the soundtrack for a horror film, and the original line of text: "He's a Maniac ... for sure, he will kill your cat and nail it to your door" was rewritten accordingly had to become. This coincidence cost Michael Sembello later his Oscar, for which "Maniac" was nominated. But only songs that are written as the soundtrack for the film in question can win, and Michael Sembello was excluded. Unfortunately, the video is not available on any official YouTube channel.