What is slicing vegetables

Plan and cut vegetables like the professionals - an overview!

A vegetable slicer cuts vegetables into all kinds of shapes Image: K / Vegpool

Who does not know them, the representatives of vegetable slicers at trade fairs, fairs and cooking courses! They praise the versatility of their kitchen appliances, transform well-known vegetables into exciting shapes, and do so with such ease that you want to pull out your wallet quickly to get hold of such a miracle slicer and bring more color into your own kitchen!

But do you really need the functions of these miracle kitchen appliances? Does it make sense to invest 30, 50 or even 80 euros in a vegetable cutter? I wanted to find out! My good friend Franzi was quickly enthusiastic about the idea of ​​simply trying out a selection of these kitchen appliances and agreed to help plan in the interests of our readers.

A classic vegetable slicer with adjustable cutting thickness Image: K / Vegpool

Our aim here is to give an overview of possible cutting shapes and their practical use in everyday life. Since the individual requirements differ, this test is primarily intended for inspiration.

From special devices to multi-vegetable slicers

We tried a colorful selection of devices, starting with multi-vegetable slicers, which consist of several parts and definitely take up a whole compartment on the kitchen shelf, to single-function tools for minimalists, which will probably still be found intact in excavations in 100,000 years will be. In the end, we were surprised ourselves which vegetable tools turned out to be our favorites!

Slicing vegetables is a great (and surprisingly easy) way to cook. Whether vegetable spaghetti, vegetable pencils, thin vegetable slices or wavy chips: Slicing vegetables is fun and helps freshen up your own diet. Not least because it is really fast. A serving of zucchini spaghetti only takes a few minutes. For our readers who are still a long way from the five daily servings of fruit and vegetables, it is definitely a worthwhile purchase!

A simple julienne planer Image: K / Vegpool

One of the classics among the vegetable slicers

  • Julienne cutter: They can be used to cut vegetables into long strips or "spaghetti", similar to a spiral cutter. It comes in every imaginable form.
  • Vegetable slicer: This can be used to slice vegetables into thin or thick slices. With some models, you can manually set how thick the slices should be.
  • Spiral cutter: They actually belong to the Julienne tailors and are also available in all possible shapes. Sarah had already tested 3 spiral cutters from Lurch here.
  • Combination planer: Here, the cutting tools can be exchanged and individually set up so that vegetables can be sliced, cut into spaghetti or penned.

Commercially available vegetable slicers are usually made of food-safe plastic with ultra-sharp metal blades. With the help of a holding device, the vegetables are sliced ​​into the desired shape at lightning speed. With a little practice, this can actually be done in seconds.

Simply delicious: Zucchini spaghetti with pesto and pine nuts Image: K / Vegpool

Some models offer the option of replacing the knives or adjusting the thickness and width of the vegetable strips. Some providers also supply the appropriate collection containers with them. These models can usually be cleaned very quickly. Only the julienne cutters needed a little more attention with the dish brush, as the vegetables tend to get stuck in the fine blades.

Vegetable slicers are simply fun!

Interestingly, working with the combi planers turned out to be a little more difficult than we thought. Hard vegetables such as carrots or beetroot can sometimes only be pushed through the julienne cutter with great effort (and a little "run-up" on the slicer). Spiral cutters and "julienne peelers" are definitely easier to use. The slicers also worked wonderfully with softer vegetables such as cucumbers.

Pulling instead of pushing: Vegetable spaghetti is particularly easy to make with an economy cutter. Image: K / Vegpool

At the beginning, I was most looking forward to the multi-planes. Maybe because the variety of functions is simply impressive! In the end, however, I was most enthusiastic about a very simple julienne cutter from Lurch, which is pulled over carrots and co like a peeler and cuts fine spaghetti in the process. The advantage: this tool also fits directly into my kitchen drawer, is well made and robust. The only disadvantage: no protective cap was included.

Franzi has also opted for a simple but solid vegetable slicer made of stainless steel (also Lurch), which can cut fine slices from vegetables and offers the option of adjusting the slice thickness using a screw. Simple but really practical!

Franzi and I present our favorites among the vegetable slicers Image: K / Vegpool

In our opinion, even as a vegetable fan, you can save yourself the purchase of most multi-mega-functional vegetable slicers in most cases. Sure: If you like to experiment and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you will definitely enjoy it. However, our impression was that the small and minimalist tools usually prove to be sufficient in everyday life.

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Author: Kilian Thirty