Who is the undefeated warrior in Mahabharata

Chapter 72 - The Battle Continues

Sanjaya said:
Then Sikhandin stormed again with Virata, the king of the Matsyas, against Bhishma, the invincible and powerful archer. And Arjuna, O bull of the Bharatas, met Drona and Kripa, as well as Vikarna and many other kings who were brave and powerful archers in battle, as well as the great ruler of the Sindhus, who was ruled by his friends, relatives and many kings of the West and South was supported. Bhimasena fought against your vengeful son Duryodhana, this powerful archer, as well as against Duhsaha. Sahadeva stormed against the undefeated warrior Shakuni and his son, the mighty chariot warrior Uluka. And the great warrior Yudhishthira, who had been treated so deceitfully by your son, smashed an entire army of elephants in this battle, while the son of Pandu and Madri, the heroic Nakula, this terror of his enemies, sought battle with the excellent charioteers of the Trigartas . The invincible warriors Satyaki and Chekitana, together with the mighty son of Subhadra, hurried against Shalya and the Kaikeyas. Dhristaketu and the Rakshasa Ghatotkacha, both invincible in battle, fought against your sons' chariot division. And the high-souled and mighty car-warrior Dhrishtadyumna, the generalissimo (of the Pandava Army), took up the fight with Drona, who is famous for his tremendous deeds.

O King, so the heroic and mighty archers of your army and the Pandavas continued their battle to kill one another. Even when the sun reached its zenith and the sky was gloriously illuminated by its rays, the Kauravas and Pandavas did not stop fighting. The gold-decorated chariots, lined with tiger skins, appeared wonderful as they drove across the battlefield with their standards, at the tips of which flags fluttered. The battle cries of the warriors who sought battle to defeat one another were as loud as the roar of the lions. So this encounter that we saw between the heroic Srinjayas and the Kurus was extremely wild and most amazing. Oh king, through the countless arrows that flew everywhere, we could hardly see the sky, the sun and the cardinal points. The sheen of the flying spears with the polished tips, the bearded lances, the hardened swords and scimitar, as well as the various armor and ornaments filled the vault of heaven in all directions with a glory that resembled the blue lotus. Everywhere, O King, the battlefield was lit by the brilliant monarchs whose luster resembled the moon and the sun. The brave car-warriors, these tigers among men, sparkled like the stars in the firmament.

Then Bhishma, the first of the charioteers, met mighty Bhimasena full of strength in front of all the troops. His fierce arrows with golden wings, cut on stone and rubbed with oil, struck Bhima from all sides. Thereupon, O Bharata, the mighty Bhima whirled a spear with a grim force that resembled an angry serpent. But Bhishma broke this massive spear with straight arrows, which was covered with gold and difficult to fend off. And with another broad-headed arrow, sharp and well hardened, he cut Bhimasena's bow in two. Thereupon, O king, Satyaki stormed against Bhishma and struck your father with innumerable sharp-edged and sharp-pointed arrows, which he released with great force by pulling the bowstring up to his ear. In return, Bhishma kills the charioteer of the Vrishni hero in his dugout with an extremely violent arrow. And when Satyaki's charioteer fell, his horses went off. They ran wildly across the field like lightning. The whole army cried out and a great commotion arose. Everywhere one heard "Oh!" And "Woe!" Among the high-souled warriors of the Pandava Army. And Satyaki's car was followed by the loud calls “Take the reins! Stop the horses! Fast!".

In the meantime, Bhishma, the son of Shantanu, began to smash the Pandava army, like Indra the demons. But the Panchalas and Somakas nonetheless showed their heroic determination and stormed against Bhishma. Other warriors of the Pandava army, led by Dhrishtadyumna, also rushed to fight the son of Shantanu in order to defeat the ranks of your son. Accordingly, the warriors of your army, O king, led by Bhishma and Drona, rushed violently against their enemies. And with that, the next great battle unfolded.