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The top 10 IT outsourcing service providers 2019

Accenture, TCS and Cognizant remain at the forefront of the IT services market, which is again characterized by increasing growth this year. This is shown by the fourth annual ranking of the Everest Group. [...]

The four best outsourcers in the Everest Group's annual ranking among the best IT service providers have remained unchanged this year. Accenture took first place for the third time in a row. The actual headliner, however, could just as easily be the outsourcing market itself, which grew almost 9 percent year-on-year on a currency-neutral basis.

"This dynamic growth was particularly noticeable in the first four of the IT service categories assessed by the Everest Group," says Abhishek Singh, Vice President of the Everest Group.

But it's not just the increasing reliance on outsourcing that has brought Accenture, TCS, Cognizant and Wipro to the top of the charts. “The top four have made significant investments in improving their skills [through intellectual property], improving their talent model and expanding their local presence around the world,” says Singh.

And yet each of these outsourcers takes a slightly different route. Accenture has established itself as a business transformation partner, while TCS has focused on the modernization of systems. Cognizant and Wipro have now built solid brands on both ends of that spectrum.

“Holding their positions while playing different roles in the market is evidence of the strong demand for IT and digital services,” said Singh.

Top 10 IT service provider of the year

  1. Accenture
  2. TCS
  3. Cognizant
  4. Wipro
  5. HCL
  6. Capgemini
  7. IBM
  8. Infosys
  9. DXC technology company
  10. NTT DATA

Source: Everest Group 2019

The Everest Group rates service providers based on their performance in 26 categories, including important business areas, regions and technologies. The consulting and research company also categorizes service providers as leaders, star performers, main competitors or aspirants in their respective fields. This is the fourth year the company has consolidated this information for 85 vendors to provide an overall ranking for the global outsourcing industry.

Elsewhere on the list, HCL climbed one place to number 5 last year due to its next-generation services, according to Everest Group. These services include cloud-based services, analytics and digital transformation, and HCL is doing particularly well in its largest sector, banking and financial services.

Capgemini also improved its position, jumping two places to sixth. “Your efforts to reorganize along key vertical markets and create a unified global go-to-market resulted in a better value proposition and acceptance at the Market, ”explains Singh.

IBM, on the other hand, fell from fifth to seventh in the rankings due to a mix of missed opportunities and misaligned strategies, Singh continues. “IBM Watson has had varying degrees of success. Their cloud history has faced strong headwinds from AWS, Azure and Google. ”As a result, IBM seemed clumsier than its more agile competitors Accenture, TCS and Cognizant in meeting changing business needs.

Infosys also slipped from seventh to eighth, despite a year of stable growth and moderate improvement in its performance. “The acceleration that has been observed with others, especially Capgemini, has pushed them down the rankings,” explains Singh. The company was also undergoing a change in leadership, with a new CEO taking over at the beginning of the year.

Accenture was also named Leader of the Year by the Everest Group, a title the company has defended for several years with no serious competition on the horizon, with the exception of TCS, which leads a very different value proposition.

"The only situation that could cause Accenture to lose its leadership position is if the nature of the demand shifts significantly towards modernization-first - where TCS sets the tone," said Singh. "Accenture's transformation-first strategy pays them good dividends, and there is no telling that they will change that at some point, even though they certainly have strong potential for modernization."

For its part, TCS was named the “Star Performer” of the Everest Group.

"TCS 'ability to expand existing relationships through strong execution skills has been discussed for some time," explains Singh. A platform approach has created a strong customer attraction that enables the company to extend its existing relationships beyond the traditional contractual structures.

It is also noteworthy that LTI landed just outside the top 10 in 11th place. LTI's upward momentum is proof that size is no longer so important in IT outsourcing. The long-standing "midfield player" is now a solid challenger in the IT services market.

"LTI has demonstrated a good willingness to work and created the necessary conditions for large deals that mainly focus on modernization, transformation and digitization," said Singh. “In a market where the company's sourcing lens is shifting from a Tier 1-2-3 methodology to a role-based methodology, LTI's growing presence is an example of how small, yet agile, high-performing companies are one for large companies obtain higher priority. "

So while the bottom line for 2018 includes robust growth, 2019 could be the year when customers and their vendors really roll up their sleeves and delve into modernizing tech debt and systems.

“In many ways, the trend towards digitization in recent years has pushed the question of modernization into the background,” says Singh. “What the market has recognized is that digital technology cannot really be successful with a sub-optimal technology and a sub-optimal database. In 2019-2020, the focus of IT spending will - and should - be right there. "

* Stephanie Overby is a regular contributor to CIO.com and CIO Magazine.

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