How can you get a tan indoors without lotion?

Getting tanned despite light skin: This is how you tan your pale skin properly

Looks super sexy, such a sunkissed body, when gently tanned it looks a bit firmer - and the skin is much smoother. So that the body tan lasts longer, you should carry out this care routine:

  1. Body peeling
  2. Take a gentle shower
  3. Apply care

1. Scrub & Shine

The fact that tanned skin looks great belies the need for care now. Sun, pool and sea water also remove fat and moisture. The dry, brown flakes of skin gradually come off the body (as well as on the face). Effect: The even tan disappears and the skin becomes blotchy. You can't prevent that, because the cells renew themselves every 28 days. Compensate with self-tanner? Good idea, but only after the flakes have been removed. You can of course exfoliate the body more vigorously than the face. Whether you use a loofah sponge or a body scrub is a matter of type. Sensitive people are better served with shower scrubs. Nevertheless, you should treat your elbows, knees and upper arms more intensively, because where the skin is more horny, the self-tanner will color it darker.

2. Take a gentle shower

Do not shower too hot, this will also dry out the skin. Shower creams and oils with moisturizing substances and moisture binders are good. They ensure that the skin does not flake off so quickly and that the tan lasts a little longer.

3. Lotion, Oil, or Serum

Late in the morning? Then lotions are ideal that are spread on damp skin in the shower and rinsed off after the shower gel - this saves you having to apply lotion afterwards. If you have time, you can massage rich oils or body serums (have a more intense effect). When everything is absorbed, apply the self-tanner. The summer glow is ready!