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Going to a university in Spain and studying in this great country is an experience that you will definitely enjoy, but it is also an experience that should be well planned. One of the things to plan for is the cost of studying in Spain.

You will certainly be happy to hear that studying in Spain is relatively cheap, especially when you compare the tuition fees with those of other EU countries or the USA. And that's not all, the training is not only cheap, but also first class. But how much does it really cost to go to university in Spain?

Of course, that always depends ... There are many factors that influence the cost of training in Spain, including of course the university you choose, the courses you want to deepen and much more. It also depends on whether or not you get financial support. As a rule, however, it is not up to the Spanish Education Authority to provide financial support for international students.

Despite all the differences, we want to set up an average cost calculation. The average cost of studying in Spain is therefore:

  • A bachelor's degree usually costs between 680 and 1280 euros per academic year when studying at a state university.
  • The exact tuition fees are determined every year by the autonomous regions of Spain (see federal states in Germany) and therefore vary depending on the region in Spain in which you are studying.
  • Tuition fees for private universities are significantly higher in the Bachelor's program at around 5,500 to 18,000 euros per year.
  • For master’s or doctoral programs, the tuition fees at state universities are also regulated by the state and are around 22 to 36 euros per credit.

If you are enrolled at a Spanish university, leave it and want to visit again later, you must expect the tuition fees to rise. Anyone starting a second degree can therefore face tuition fees of up to 2,100 euros per year in the Bachelor's degree. Anyone who has even enrolled for the third time pays up to 33 euros more per semester. There are also these regulations in master’s programs, for a second degree you pay up to 34 euros more per semester. Even for those who need a second attempt at a doctorate, the costs increase by up to 55 euros per semester.

What other costs have to be considered

In addition to the actual tuition fees, there are of course other costs if you want to study in Spain. These additional fees and expenses should also be kept in mind and included in the calculation. Here is an overview of these costs that may be added.

Books and other teaching materials

Books and teaching materials should also be included in your cost planning for a degree. How much money you actually spend on these things again depends on a few factors, but the average expenditure is around 900 euros per year.

Personal expenses

Of course, you also have to plan what costs you will need for your personal well-being at the university. These include, for example, telephone costs, entertainment, snacks and coffee, etc.

Transportation and locomotion

While you are in Spain you also have to plan how to get from one place to another. Spain has many different options when it comes to public transport, but you also have to plan a certain budget for these when making your cost statement.

Application fees at the university

Almost all universities and colleges in Spain charge fees for applying to the respective institution. These fees can vary, but mostly remain and $ 50. Make sure to have this fee ready and pay it on time when you apply.

Special fees according to courses

Depending on which courses you choose, you may have to pay additional fees that are only calculated for these courses. These fees vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. You should therefore be careful to see if there are any additional fees before enrolling in a course, especially if you are on a budget.

Overall, however, the costs of studying in Spain are affordable and in most cases a lot cheaper than in other European countries and cities.

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