Is homesteading a political act

Political Sociology


More than 25 years after the publication of the last overview volume on political sociology, the study book, designed as an anthology, summarizes the current state of research in political sociology at the intersection of political science and sociology. Proven researchers provide an insight into the theoretical and conceptual foundations and further developments of the central subdisciplines of political sociology, for example values ​​and attitudes research, electoral and party sociology, parliamentarianism as well as political participation and communication research. The profound overview of basic terms, concepts and analytical instruments is not only supplemented by empirical findings. The volume also offers an overview of the analysis and research designs of political sociology, its central research methods and usable data bases. With special consideration of newly designed and still emerging BA and MA courses, the volume is an indispensable study book in an important area of ​​political science.


Basics, interdisciplinary ideology Communication Communication research Organizational sociology Political science Political communication Political culture Political participation Political sociology Sociological research, empirical

About the authors

Dr. Viktoria Kaina is a political scientist at the University of Potsdam.
Prof. Dr. Andrea Roemmele is a political scientist at the International University Bruchsal.

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