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Finding tutoring: 6 tips & 4 pitfalls for optimal supervision

Hardly any student gets through school without tutoring. The talents are different for each student. Anyone who is good at maths may have problems with English. And those who are linguistically gifted may need a little help with the natural sciences. We explain how you can find suitable tutoring - for yourself or for your child.

With tutoring to success

With tutoring to success

Especially in high school, many students need tutoring from time to time or even on a regular basis. But tutoring is also a big topic for the other types of schools. The need for extracurricular support is particularly high in the main subjects English, German and maths. More than half of the students need support in math, closely followed by English with just under half and German with around a third of all students.

Tutoring is often used when a student's performance in a subject is below average. If the transfer is in jeopardy, good tutoring and the commitment of the student can improve performance in the subject and thus avoid a repetition of the school year. Others take tutoring to help them achieve their personal goals. A high school diploma is sometimes required for studying medicine and psychology. A good grade point average can significantly improve the chance of a good education and a suitable course of study.

However, not every tutoring inevitably leads to success. There are different offers that are of different quality. That is why you should inform yourself sufficiently beforehand about the different offers and methods. Although almost all students can improve their grades through tutoring, one should check beforehand how serious the program is.

This is how you can find good tutoring

There are different methods by which tutoring can take place. There are offers in schools, private teachers and now also a large online offer where students can work comfortably from home. With the variety of offers, it is not that easy at first glance to find the optimal care offer. Finding a suitable tutor can also be difficult. In addition to professional competence, this should be trustworthy, have experience in teaching and ideally be easily accessible by car or public transport. We'll tell you which methods are best and how you can quickly find the right tutor.

Tutoring in school

Tutoring in school

Many schools offer their own tutoring in various subjects. This is particularly suitable for younger students, as the tutors here are often students from the upper grades. While they earn a few euros after school, the younger students can cope with the additional learning right away in school. To do this, you simply stay at school for an hour longer after school ends. This ensures that the students have their learning material ready to hand. The learning atmosphere in the school can also ensure that the students can concentrate better.

Some parents sometimes fear that their children will not be able to receive optimal support from the untrained tutors. However, the fact that the tuition in this case is carried out by older students does not have to be a disadvantage. It can even be beneficial as the older students' knowledge is still fresh. Due to the smaller age difference, they can also better understand the way of thinking of the tutor and sometimes better explain the school material.

Tutoring by the teacher is usually not allowed. In some cases, however, an exception can be made, for example if a student has not been able to go to class for a long time due to illness. However, the tutor's tutoring must be free of charge.

Tutoring online

Tutoring online

There are now many online offers that make funding possible from home. In this way, the students can organize their learning times themselves and can start tutoring directly at home. There are various ways of doing this. The tutoring can take place via video, for example. To do this, the tutor makes an appointment with a tutor online and learns via an online program or video chat. However, it is important that this only happens via a reputable tutoring platform. In addition, special additional material is required for this shape. In order to be able to communicate successfully, the student needs a headset or a webcam if the microphone and camera are not already integrated in the computer. The price for this type of tutoring is usually between 15 and 30 euros per hour and is billed per minute.

Other platforms offer exercise material such as worksheets, which the student can fill out and send back and then get back corrected. With other platforms, you can scan your own tasks, for example from an exercise book, and have the teacher solve or correct them. Here, too, bills are usually per minute. Platforms that provide suitable learning material that the tutor can use after registering are also popular. These portals offer, for example, explanatory videos, worksheets and exercises. If the student has any questions, they can use a chat in which their questions are answered by experts.

The online method is suitable, for example, for children who find it difficult to find motivation to learn. However, some educators are critical of tutoring via the Internet. Digital learning also ensures that students sit in front of the screen for longer. Still, it has many advantages. For example, the students save themselves the journey. This can be particularly advantageous in rural areas, as tutoring institutes can often only be found in larger towns.

Tutoring institutes

Tutoring institutes

Those who do not want to rely on support in schools or on the Internet tuition can turn to specialized tutoring institutes. These offer rooms for learning, competent tutors and different subjects. It can happen that a teacher supervises several tutors at the same time. The teachers are mostly trained or at least students. So you should be professionally competent.

It can sometimes happen that the parents have to sign a contract for their children lasting several months, in which the children undertake to come to tutoring for a certain period of time. Classes can take place once or several times a week. Professional tutoring institutes also offer several free trial lessons, in which the student can test whether he or she likes the lessons. Since the institutes often have a duration of several months, they are particularly suitable for students who have a lot of catching up to do and do not just want to study for an exam. You should inquire about the conditions of the individual institutes on site.

Find tutors with advertising papers

A single tutor for a particular subject can be found quickly through advertising papers. These are often posted on “notice boards” in universities and schools, as this is where most of the students seek tuition. Tutors often place their offers there. Mostly they indicate the subjects offered and the region in which they would like to give tuition. You can also find the teacher's contact details here. The tutors themselves are often pupils and students. Anyone can give tutoring in Germany. So there is no special training to be able to work as a tutor. Schoolchildren in particular benefit from this, as they do not have sufficient qualifications for many other jobs. However, one does not necessarily have to refer to the teachers' advertisements. If you are looking for a tutor, you can just as easily write an advertisement and wait for a suitable teacher to contact you.

tip: You can also post such advertisements online. These can be published on local job boards or placed online as a classified ad.

Find tuition through friends

Find tuition through friends

If you ask around in your circle of friends, you will surely find someone who is willing to give tuition for a little pocket money. So it's worth talking about looking for a tutor. Both adults and teenagers usually enjoy the opportunity to make some cash. Of course, professional competence should be a prerequisite. This option is particularly suitable for students who do not want to attend tutoring regularly, but want to deepen the material before important exams and clear up ambiguities.

Extra tip: Be responsive to the student's needs

Tutoring should always be based on the individual needs of the student. The student should be ready to work on their accomplishments. As a parent, avoid putting pressure on yourself. Even small successes should be valued. In some cases, poor performance is not due to a lack of understanding of the subject matter, but to personal problems. The first step in this case should be to solve the stressful problem. In the middle school it is increasingly the case that school only plays a subordinate role for young people. Here, for example, one should appeal to the students' sense of responsibility.

You should avoid that

Tutoring by the parents? Not a good idea.

There are some things that should be avoided at all costs in order to ensure optimal care. Not every tutoring is serious and inevitably leads to success. The needs of the student should be paramount. He should also get along well with his tutor. Respectful interaction with one another should be guaranteed. If your gut feeling is wrong, you should keep looking around. Similar steps should be taken before signing a contract.

Tutoring with parents and siblings

Even if parents and siblings can help to find a solution in many questions, tutoring within the family often leads to discussions and arguments. This is because the relationship between child and parent is different than that between student and teacher. The relationship between child and parent is more emotional. It looks similar with siblings. Tutoring within the family is therefore rarely successful.

Check free offers

Many tutoring institutes initially offer free trial lessons so that the student can test the offer. However, if too many services are offered free of charge, one should pay attention. Most of the time, there are hidden costs in these cases. Before signing a contract, you should take the time to review it. Experience reports can also provide a little clarity.

Check contracts

In general, one should always check the contracts of the institutes. Often these have a duration of several months, which is not worthwhile for many students, as their performance can improve after a few weeks. In addition, the contracts often only apply to one subject. If you want to change your subject, you often have to reckon with additional costs. You should also keep an eye on the general costs. Around 100 to 150 euros per month for two lessons per week are normal.

Avoid preventive tutoring

For average students with grades between 2 (good) and 3 (satisfactory), tutoring is often not worthwhile. Many students are already under great pressure to perform. With additional tutoring, which is supposed to improve the performance of the students, the pressure on the students is increased again. Tutoring should only start when the performance deteriorates.

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