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Online tutoring platform

At Lernigo you get personal online tutoring from an experienced tutor according to your wishes. After you have selected your tutor on the "Find a teacher" page, you can book an appointment quickly and easily. During the tutoring you can easily share your teaching material in our online learning environment and take notes together with your tutor. Furthermore, you can view past tutoring whenever you want, for example shortly before a test or an important exam. Because of this flexibility, our online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular: Get tutoring where, when and from whom you want.

Take a look at previous online tutoring again

The biggest advantage of online tutoring from Lernigo is that you can access past tutoring for up to 2 months, for example shortly before an exam. This allows you to easily ask questions about a previous lesson and get the most out of the tutoring.

What do I need to know about online tutoring at Lernigo?

For your online tutoring you need the following:
  • Laptop or desktop
  • microphone
  • A webcam is recommended, but our online tutoring also works without a camera
  • Normal internet connection
On this page you can find more information about using online tutoring. As you can see, our platform has a ton of features. Of course, our teachers are very familiar with these, so that you as a student do not need any prior knowledge. Your teacher will be happy to explain how it all works.

How is the quality of online tutoring guaranteed?

You can easily share your textbook with the tutor on our online platform. This allows you to work out and discuss notes together. This interactive form of online tutoring makes it as easy as if the tutor was sitting next to you! In addition, our tutors are trained to make the best possible use of the platform's functions and thus to offer you a perfect basis for your progress. Choose your tutor here.

Who can get online tutoring?

Online tutoring from Lernigo is available to all elementary and secondary school students. On the page "Find a teacher" you will find tutors who give tutoring in many subjects of the grammar school and elementary school. You can find more information on our course page. If your subject is not listed, please contact our help desk. We'll help you there personally!

Online tuition in mathematics has a special position, because conventional providers are unable to display mathematical symbols correctly on the screen. That is one of the many reasons why Lernigo has specially developed an online tutoring platform with the possibility of using any desired mathematical symbols on the screen. Do you need help with math? Please see the Maths page for more information.

Online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular

Online streaming, games, social media: Germany is happening more and more online. In the course of the Corona crisis, online tutoring is also becoming an increasingly popular concept. But even before Corona became an issue in Germany, online tutoring from Lernigo was already enjoying great popularity due to our flexibility. You can get tutoring where, when and from whom you want. Where previously online tutoring was an emergency solution for students in whose area no tutors were available, now more and more people are asked specifically about our online tutors. In particular, the possibility of being able to access the tutoring lesson again at a later point in time has many advantages and is very popular. Check out the prices here.

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