What accent does Adele have

The heavy British accent of 27-year-old pop singer Adele doesn't seem to be understood by everyone in North America, which is why television stations have taken drastic measures.

I beg your pardon?
Poor Adele. Although in principle the same language is spoken in the USA, some seem to have a hard time with the singer's London accent. The clear message of some US fans: "We don't understand 'Someone Like You'!"

The language barrier now seemed to have grown to such an extent that some American television stations only play the interviews with the 27-year-old with subtitles, so that there are no comprehension problems.

Split opinions
Interestingly, not all American viewers are affected by this problem, some even found it extremely funny: "It was for shooting. Adele talked quite normally, but someone thought it would be difficult to understand and saw it necessary to use the footage to be recorded with such underlay. "

Words from an amused Twitter user who was not alone in making such statements.

Little fun fact
The musician shouldn't allow herself to be dragged down by such blockages and problems of understanding, after all, her ego can also be strengthened by loads of other things. On eBay, for example, confetti pieces from their world tour are currently being sold on the digital counter at the proud price of 19 euros per scrap.