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How to move around with a moving container service

All about portable storage containers to help you pack and move around

If you want to save money on your move but aren't too excited to move yourself, especially if you are driving that large rental truck over a long distance or through a big city, then moving containers may be your best option move around. You also save money - reloading containers is often more cost-effective than renting a full-service mover.

1. Choose a container moving company

Like all moving companies, you should research Container Movers to choose the best one.

While you have fewer moving companies to choose from, you need to do your due diligence and do a thorough scrutiny of the company to make sure you have the best moving companies hired.

2. Drop the container

Once you have arrangements with a moving container company, submit the size or number of containers you will need to cope with the amount of material you are moving so that you have the time to pack and load. The containers are usually very large and in some cases you may only need one. Some companies will ditch a 28-foot trailer and only pay for the space you use.

3. Load the container into your old home

After the containers have been delivered to you, load them up, lock them up and the company will bring them to your new home. Or, if you can't move into your new space right away, they will move your things to the store. Most container moving companies offer storage options in case you wait between moves.

The containers are weatherproof and are usually left on your front yard or in the driveway in a place that is most convenient for you. The containers should be secure with locks to ensure they cannot break in. Before signing up for this type of moving service, ask the company what type of security mechanism is in place.

You may also want to speak to your home insurance company to see if they will cover your goods should something happen. But overall it's a very secure system and personally, I've never had a problem with break-ins.

4. Discharge in your new home

Once your belongings are moved, the bins are then delivered to your new home, where you unload and unpack the bins within a predetermined time. Depending on how much material you've moved, you need to determine the time it takes to unload your things. Most people only need a day. Talk to the container moving company again about their fees and prices to help keep the container longer if needed.

How moving containers can save you money

By doing the loading and packing yourself, you can save money on hourly fees charged by local businesses, or get a lower price than most full-service moving companies. Here, too, it is important to compare prices, take into account the time and effort involved and then decide which moving option is best for you

Prices are usually based on the number of containers you use - or the amount of trailer space - and the distance they have to cover. The price of a self-service move is based on the number of boxes you use and the number of shipping boxes you need.

Most companies will include insurance in the price, while others will charge additional costs. Ask before hiring. If you have any valuables, you might want to buy more. Again, ask the company how much insurance they offer and then decide if you should buy more.

For more information, please contact ABF U-pack - a container company that offers a wide range of moving services to suit your specific needs.