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Top 10: The most lewd hero costumes

Everybody knows her. The superheroes and, above all, heroines who wear outfits and costumes where you can see more skin than you should. Especially the 90s were known in the comic world for big muscles, sexy costumes and unrealistic body proportions. Marvel has outfitted many heroes with new costumes in the past 5 years. So many have mostly female superheroes like She-hulk, Gamora or Psylocke get new outfits that no longer show as much skin as their mostly classic costumes. Today we have put together a list of the 10 most lewd superhero costumes for you nasty nerds.

10. Dagger

The dynamic duo Cloak & Dagger is well known to old Marvel readers. Dagger embodies the light and with her abilities Cloak the darkness. The blonde beauty wears a white outfit with a neckline that takes a lot of getting used to. This is often very revealing and usually leads in the direction of an arrow you already know where to go. While I'm not an expert, I think she needs loads of double-sided tape to keep it from slipping.

9. Colossus

The Russian mutant Piotr Rasputin is known for its steely muscles and steely skin. He can turn his body into some kind of organic metal that makes him super strong. Apparently Colossus also likes to flaunt his muscular dream body. Because his old costume in particular consists of little more than a pair of boots, a strange top that only covers the stomach and 80s shoulder pads, and Speedo-like underpants. And that in red too! In recent years Colossus has tried on some new outfits that look a bit more modern and also cover the most important parts of the body.

8. Electra

The deadly assassin and great love of Daredevil is not only deadly but also damn hot. Her classic red outfit has lasted for decades and looks rather impractical for a ninja. Also Elektrarecently got a new outfit that covers the bare parts and is very similar to the model from the Netflix Series reminds.

7. Hercules

The Prince of Power often appears very arrogant and not stingy with his charms. Often he only wore green underpants and some kind of belt around his shoulders. The most famous Hercules The outfit is the skirt and the matching sandals. In a fight against Deadpoolhe found out that Hercules wears nothing under his skirt. And it seems to be pretty well stocked too ...

6. Sue Storm

The 90s strike! In the course of their long existence, scribes and draftsmen have often tried to get a little dusty Fantastic Four to make it look more modern and sexier. So got Mister Fantastic for example just before the Secret Wars Event a pretty cool hipster beard. Got in the 90s Sue Storm donated a fairly revealing outfit with a 4 as a neckline. Keep in mind, however, that Sue is more reserved, shy and a bit prudish compared to some of her superhero colleagues.

5. Namor

The King of Atlantis is an arrogant and self-loving character. Maybe that's why he's a fan favorite. Also Namor got a new outfit with long pants a few years ago. Thank God! Because for decades he mostly ran around armed only with a green Speedo and fought evil. Sure, he lives in the ocean. Still, you can get dressed.

4. Psylocke

Man, the enthusiasm was great as an actress Olivia Munn announced that they were in X-Men:Apocalypse the classic Psylocke Outfit would wear. All the nerds were sitting in front of the PC monitor and drooling as much as they could. Rightly! Not only is Olivia Munn beautiful to look at, but also her comic counterpart Psylocke. Often, however, draftsmen and writers were criticized, as especially Psylocke's buttocks were often too much on display. Psylocke has now also received a more subtle costume.

3. Gamora

The deadliest woman in the universe and daughter of the Thanos has been a hit since the cinema Guardians of the Galaxy went through some changes in the comics. Not only is Gamorano longer a man-seductive killer machine, but she got rid of her sexy outfit. She no longer wears a hood and the green "body belt" that covers the most sensitive areas is no longer there.

2. Moondragon

The daughter of Drax and former Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy Member Moondragon wore a similar outfit as her colleague Gamora. She also wore a touch of green nothing combined with a cape. Over time, she also got a much more practical outfit, which probably doesn't slip that often.

1. Emma Frost

The queen of sexy outfits is the mutant Emma Frost. Over the years she was considered the sex symbol of the Marvel world, even if little by little, like her colleagues, she got slightly more "normal" outfits that showed less skin. During the Avengers vs. X-Men Events, however, again shot her the bird when she with the power of the Phoenix Force was equipped. And the Phoenix Force thought so “Hey, that's Emma. It usually wears almost nothing anyway. So let's leave it at that! ".

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