Why do muddy things make me happy?

Now we can start: The cake pop accessories are there (including lollipop sticks and candy melts), the kitchen looks a bit chaotic, but I'm in good spirits 😉

Cake pops - these are beautiful balls in style, which unfortunately can take your last nerve. They recently caused me to bake too not at all made you happy. I'm actually not a big fan of cake pops, because the balls take a lot of work and sometimes don't knock me off my feet in terms of taste. Many are clearly over-sweetened. Nevertheless, I had made up my mind to prepare some cake pops, precisely because they are so visually variable and now I have a simple one Basic cake pop recipe with a good ratio of cake and frosting.

At lunchtime the postman came with a package full of baking ingredients and decorative materials: Among other things, I had ordered candy melts for the first time, i.e. melting drops that are supposed to be great for covering cake pops. Everything nice and kitschy in light blue and pink - a great color combination for pastries for baby showers or baby showers (the sense and nonsense of such celebrations can, however, be discussed). I had bought the cake pop sticks at a market shortly before, and at first shish kebab skewers had to be used as a substitute. If I had suspected that the kitchen is blue in the evening, my apron pink, half of the cake pops broken and my nerves at the end, I would have baked cakes 😉. But sometimes you just have to make your own experiences. The good thing about it: I can now give you tips on how to deal with typical cake pops problems and what to look out for when you do Make cake pops yourself want.

How you can avoid typical problems when baking cake pops

First things first: you should allow enough time for the cake balls, which can be served like lollipops on a stick or as balls. The lighter and faster variant are cake balls, i.e. balls without a stick. You can bake the cake yourself or use one that you bought (without glaze). Then start directly with the 3rd step in the recipe at the bottom. All dry cakes made from batter or sponge cake are suitable. You can make two kinds of cake pops from my recipe in one step: chocolate cake pops and lemon cake pops. Baking the sponge cake, crumbling it up and mixing it with the cream cheese frosting should work without any problems for most of them. But then the difficulties begin ...

Light and dark cake crumbs

Sponge cake with lemon frosting

Shaped with love 😉

Problem: The cake pop mass is sticky and cannot be easily shaped into balls

Tip: If the crumb frosting mass is mushy and sticky, you can simply put it in the refrigerator again (at least for a quarter of an hour, longer is better).

Problem: The balls are not sticking to the cake pop stick

Tip: The balls may be too big and therefore too heavy. Or the dough is still too dry or crumbly. In any case, I advise not to mix in the frosting all at once, but gradually. This is a better way to find the right amount. Alternative: making cake balls instead of cake pops; you don't need a handle for that.

Problem: The cake pops fall off the stick when you dip them in the couverture

Tip: If the cake pops break when dipped in or fall off the stick, this may be due to the consistency of the couverture or candy melts (see below). Basically, dip the lollipop sticks about a centimeter into the couverture and then skewer the balls. If you put the cake pops and stems in the fridge for about 10 minutes, the sticks will hold up better.

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This is what melted candy melts have to look like if they are to annoy me. No way, with the drops you can easily cover cake pops ...

Problem: The couverture or the candy melts mass is very tough and firm

Tip: If the mixture is tough, the cake pops cannot be coated well. When melting couverture or candy melts, you should always make sure that the temperature is not too high - otherwise the mass will clump. In addition, not a drop of water should get into it! But even if you consider both, something like the one in the photo above can happen. Screech! I had to dilute the candy melts extremely and kept adding a teaspoon of oil until the mixture was finally so liquid that I could immerse the cake pops without major damage. To be honest, I'm disappointed with the Wilton Candy Melts, which aren't cheap after all.

Problem: The couverture is dripping. The sugar decoration doesn't last.

Tip: Turn the dipped cake pops upside down slightly back and forth until the couverture no longer drips. Scatter the sugar globules and decorative materials as long as the couverture is still liquid but not too liquid.

Good accessories for cake pops

Finally, a few more recommendations for you: In my opinion, this is a very good set for cake pop beginners from Birkmann, as it contains the most important things such as candy melts, cake pop sticks and decorative sprinkles. I have not yet used these Wilton gel colors for cake pops, but I have had good experiences with coloring cupcake frostings, for example. I don't own a cake pop maker; However, the following products have good ratings: the device from Tristar and the device from Inventum. My candy melts came from Wilton, are as written but should be consumed with care and have to be thinned. I use these cake pops bags to give away.

Hallelujah, there are actually some cake pops that can be shown in public! They taste good too. Only I am fix and everyone.

In the end, I was still very happy with the result - as I said, it was my third attempt at Cake Pops. The beads were pretty and really tasty. The next time I'll bake cupcakes or cakes again!

Lemon and chocolate cake pops

Simple cake pop basic recipe with a good ratio of cake and frosting.


  • For the cake, beat 200 grams of soft butter until frothy, gradually add 200 grams of sugar and the eggs and keep stirring. Add the flour with the baking powder to the mixture. If the dough is too firm, just add a few more tablespoons of milk. Halve the dough and stir in the cocoa powder under one half and a few tablespoons of lemon juice under the other.
  • Place the two types of batter side by side (or individually) on a small baking sheet lined with baking paper or in a large loaf pan; the cake shouldn't be too flat. Bake at 180 degrees top and bottom heat for about 25 minutes.
  • For the frosting, stir 80 grams of soft butter until creamy, add the cream cheese and powdered sugar while continuing to stir. If you want dark frosting for the chocolate cake pops, stir 50 grams of melted and slightly cooled dark chocolate under half.
  • Crumble the cake into a large bowl. Gradually mix in the frosting with your hands. The mass must not be too sticky, it is better to use a little less frosting. Form small balls and place in the refrigerator for an hour.
  • Melt the couverture and color it with food coloring if necessary. If you have cake pop sticks or kebab skewers, dip them about 1 centimeter into the chocolate. Skewer the balls, dip them in and coat with the couverture. Place the cake pops in glasses to dry or place them on a praline rack. As soon as the couverture is no longer completely liquid, sprinkle with sugar sprinkles, etc.

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