Will a workout make you sleepy?

Can half an hour of training a day make a difference?

Half an hour. That's 30 minutes. A total of 1,800 seconds. What daily activities can you do during this time that will change your life? You can do some shopping, clean the car, write a blog ... but those 30 minutes will rarely make much of a difference.

But how about 30 minutes of exercise instead? It is quite common for us to occasionally feel lethargic and have no motivation to do our daily exercise regimen. This is the moment when our conscience sits on our shoulder, relentlessly reminding us that we should really go to the gym. Well, it's time to listen to this - here's what half an hour of exercise can mean for your health and fitness.

1. Half an hour can help you lose weight

Exercising 30 minutes a day can help you lose weight more effectively than 60 minutes, according to WebMD. A sample of 60 moderately obese men was used to see if it made a difference to exercise for half an hour instead of a full hour a day. The study concluded that just 30 minutes of daily exercise is as good or even better than 60 minutes of exercise for moderately obese men.

How can that be? Well, less time exercising felt better for those who were moderately overweight. This does not mean that you should shorten your 45-minute workout, nor does it mean that 30 minutes should replace the usual 60-minute daily workout. It is always good to listen to your own body and to adapt to your body feeling accordingly. If you feel tired, shorten your workout. But when you're full of energy, head to the gym. Either way, you're burning calories.

2. It makes us happy

It was one of those days when you can't cope with yet another disappointment, can't help you smile, and you just can't think of going out in the rain to exercise. Nonetheless, it has been proven that putting on your workout shoes and going to the gym makes you happy. 30 minutes of vigorous exercise will stimulate the chemicals in your brain, help you relax, and make your face glow from the endorphin rush.

3. The perfect remedy for stress

Exercise is the best medicine for anxiety and stress. Half an hour is enough to produce endorphins that help relieve pain, improve sleep and relax us.


4. It reduces heart disease

Exercising for just 30 minutes a day can make all the difference in your battle to reduce heart disease. Something as natural as a brisk walk can improve your heart health. Whether it's walking your dog or buying groceries, running for half an hour will get your heart pumping.

5. It's a great productivity booster

30 minutes may be the time it takes to leave the office, make a coffee and chat with a colleague - but have you ever had that sluggish feeling after a coffee? Instead of relying on caffeine for energy and inspiration, why not try a brisk walk. Nature will work wonders on your energy and productivity. So instead of getting a coffee, go out into the fresh air.